Tetra Master: The Video Game!


It seems that Square released a Japan only PSX game that’s based entirely on Tetra Master, the card game from Final Fantasy 9. I can only imagine this version is more in-depth and full of cool cards. Note the Dagger, Zidane, Freya and Beatrix cards.

Tetra Master makes a re-appearance in FFXI, apparently. Found the info on Playonline. What do you guys think?

Personally, I reckon it’s a good idea for a budget game, but would have been better on GBA- imagine the pokemon trading card game game for the GBC only bnased on tetra master and better :ah-ha!: still, as someone who preferred Tetra Master to Triple Triad, I have to give it a thumbs-up :slight_smile:

I think is a great idea! I loved the Tetra Master, I’ll be the first in line to buy it if it comes to America… the only reason I’m atracted to FF XI is the Tetra Master…

I, unlike many opther people, liked tetra Master very much.

Though Triple Triad was SO better.

Tetra Master is awesome the only reason i lik triple triad more is because you got to refine the cards into awesome items

i hope that comes to america

I doubt it coming to the UK, though I hope it does, and I hope also that if it did it would have a story where you free roamed a city challenging opponents and finding secrets, rather than a ‘you win - next opponent’ system.

More of a Triple Triad fan myself. I’ll never get sick of that music as long as I game:cool:

triple triad was good and I liked it more than the new one because with no rules in play it’s easier but I did not like how the rules changing was so out of your control. If you could pick which rules you pick or have them constant always I’d like it more.

I loved Triple Triad. Never got far in FF IX to really play Tetra

may be i will now…

Although I don’t recall how Tetra Master is like, I like the card game in FF VIII better. Less complicated and easy to win~ (If you have a lot of powerful cards that is…) Not sure if I want to buy that game though if the whole game is based on playing Tetra Master.