testing sig

Not only is your sig way too fucking huge, but it’s way too ugly too >>;

Mmmm…Carmen Electra. Don’t listen to Hades, he’s obviously lacking in taste. But he’s right about your sig being waaaaay to big.

That thing I said in the chat.
The “ew, carmen electra, ew ew”
I retract it wholeheartedly :smiley:

Dood, you like Carmen Electra. Don’t talk about taste. Ever.

Normally I’d agree with you hades, but like I said, I’m a sucker for a thong and a nice ass.

Yeah, there’s nothing like an undergarment riding up a clunky ass attached to a face only a mother could love >>;

Mines better.

How do you shrink the image?

Still too large?

Actually I think she’s hot in that pic. So let’s all agree that each other’s opinion is bullshit and be quiet.

There’s always PSP and resizing it, or I think you can limit the size in the html tag.

Man, the sig sucks now D:

She’s only okay. More than any other consideration, though, is the pic’s inappropriateness. She’s topless and not hiding it particularly well.

Could anyone tell me how to shrink a sig pic? I got confused while trying to do it.

What program do you have?

Picture too big. -Merlin

Haha spaz, it doesn’t matter if you shrink it down in the HTML tag. People would still have to download the 400k image.