Testing My siggy (to see if Zero removed what he put in it's place)

I noticed my siggy was alot bigger before he did anything. Now to see if he let me use the second one I tried to put in but he covered up with his message.

And now I find I can’t even delete my own posts… Oh well… lets see if I can get this siggy thing working right.

Why won’t this thing work anymore :frowning:

Fixed it, sigs have to be done in HTML, VBcode doesn’t work in them.

Gyag! Why must people link to attachments in their sigs? Find an actual place to host the picture -_-

Odd, vB code works in my sig :hmm:

It doesn’t work for .php images though.

I too shall test my siggy.
hmm how do you get it so it scrolls?
cuz I know I’ll get in trouble if I leave it as is, but I like the sig…

Use your shift key in your sig and I’ll give you the code.

I’m testing my sig here as well. I hope you all don’t mind!

I hit shift, and nothing happened, at this point I’m still going to wind up on Merl’s bad-side unless it changes.

Ok, I’ll give you the HTML code when I get home. (I still say Merl should’ve made a VB Code for it when I asked him to).

vb code for what?

That way to scrolly after 200 pixels

<div style=“width:100%; height:{option}px; overflow:auto; border:0”>{param}</div>

Then you [Whatever=N_Pixels_High]This section will scroll after so many pixels[/Whatever]

And you have one without option enabled and it would be something like

<div style=“width:100%; height:200px; overflow:auto; border:0”>{param}</div>

and use the same tag, since they can have the same with and without options.

woohoo! thanks Xelo!