Testament: the new Biblical game for the d20 system

Oddly enough, this looks interesting. I figured that they would either handle the era poorly OR that it would be another Bible-thumping game, but it seems that they did a good job- at least by the review. The only fact that would hold me back is that its d20, which is most certainly not my favorite gaming system out there- but that is neither here nor there.

Anybody play it?

I’ve never heard of it until now. It looks interesting enough, maybe if I can get hold of the book then I can play with some friends.

Sounds odd-ish O_o

A most intriquing concept. I would be most interested to see how it works out. It reminds me of an old 2nd or 1st edition campaign setting that was based on the real world… interesting.

Goliath is a half-nephilim? Sheesh… if I remember correctly, Nephilim was either a kind of angel or a kind of demon… but, given the history of angels and demons, probably both.


Ooooooooo the Hat posted in here.

Not sure I could get into that game.

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