Terry Pratchett's Hogfather

Did anyone else know that this was adapted as a live-action two-part miniseries in England in December? (Fitting time for it.) I found it on Bittorrent. It’s pretty damn cool. Susan and Death are note-perfect, and the rest of the cast are pretty good too, though not exactly what the book had me thinking of. I’ve heard Pterry himself makes a cameo, though I’m only halfway through it. If you’re a Discworld fan, definitely give it a look-see!

I found it a month or so ago, and loved it, even though I did not realise at first that it was based on a novel…pity.

The acting and cinematography were brilliant, though.

I, too, torrented this a few months back. It’s as wonderful an adaptation as any Pterry fan could ever hope for.

Interesting. I’ll check it out after I read the book.

Yes, and alas, it was on satellite only so I couldn’t bloody well see it. :frowning: What I really wanted to see was how Joss Ackland was as Ridcully (my all-time fave discworld character)- I’d always pictured BRIAN BLESSED in the role…

I won’t be able to sleep well untill I’ve put my hands on it and watched.

Live action? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now. All I have is the cartoon based on Soul Music. I know there’s one for Wyrd Sisters too, but I never felt like getting that one.

Yeah this is cool, I saw it when it was first shown.

And yeah according to IMDb, Pterry plays the Toy Maker. Must admit didn’t notice him when I watched it, may have to see about watching it again, and keep my eyes open for him.

I’m given to understand that the animeted versions are meh. My dad saw the Wyrd Sisters one before he read the book, and even then he thought the book was better. The Soul Music one, which I’ve seen, is also very meh.

Man, I loved this adaptation.

Especially death. <3