Terrorists in The Hague?

Is this true? TD, anyone? Confirm this? Anyone have any articles…?



Yessss that would be it. Thanks RPT. A friend of mine just mentioned it and I wasn’t sure if I could believe him since Holland is so…tiny.

Yeah, it’s true. I passed by snipers and everything on the way to class.

And they didn’t shoot you?

Thanks for confirming this, I heard about it from on of my teachers and I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. I said “Terrorists on Holland? Are you shitting me?”.

I’m nimble and spry.

we’re gonna get a war over here

next sequel in the battlefield games
Battlefield: Holland

I know. Like, who would attack wooden shoe country. There’s no conflicts over there >>

apparently germany would


I meant nowadays, silly.

Still Germany. :smiley:

Germans: Ve are not a varlike nation, but even ve half our limits.

Right, you say that. I think I’ll just blame the uselessness of the Deutch Law Enforcement.