Terrible Schedule for a Couple Weeks

I’d mentioned this in IRC, and in another topic, but I decided I should probably give it its own, since no-one had responded. I intended to do this less-last-minute (last night), but the forums were down.

So, this weekend, I’ll be available for the regular time for HH’s game, or not at all, on Friday. Maybe you could plan this wek, instead, HH =P. On Saturday, I won’t be able to make Shadowrun, but I could make VS’ game if it were pushed back to something more like 5:00 EST.

The next weekend: On Friday, I might be 10-15 minutes late.
Saturday: I’ll be unavailable until about 7:00 EST.

I can do anything after about 7:30 EST next week, if you guys want to re-schedule.

After that, I’m completely free for the rest of the summer, except, possibly, one week in mid-July.

Okay, so, last night turned out to be the ‘not at all,’ due to shoddy internet connections up here.
However, I should make VS’ game if it’s moved to the later time. If not, I’ll be there at the later time, late. =P
EDIT: I might not be here after all, I have to leave for various things and it will be difficult to get back by 5:00 EST.