Terranigma: unopened chest

Okay, I’m Northwest of Nirlake in the small area called “Gumin” where you get the logs for the cave to save Will, and there’s a chest hidden underneath some trees. But when I try to open it, nothing happens. Is there anything actually in the chest, or is it all just a programmer’s mistake?

It’s a glitch- there’s no way to open that treasure chest.

Okay, thanks.

On this subject, there is a chest on a lone ledge in Elkemata which I simply cannot reach. I have tried looking for a secret way to climb up or to fall from above, but without any avail.

Eklemata… where’s that again?

I haven’t played Terranigma in a while, but I think it was the snow-covered mountain range with the Yetis, where the human souls were sealed.

Yes, Elkemata is the snowy mountain in Tibet where the souls of humankind are sealed.

I am not playing Terranigma at the moment, but I was just curious if Val was able to get that chest.

I remember a chest in there that gave me hell, but I eventually got it. I don’t remember how though.