Terranigma question

I am stuck in Dragoon Castle. I looked up the answer in an FAQ, but I still can’t figure out how to do it.

In one of the dead ends, there is a wall that sounds hollow when I throw the two water pots in that room at it. The FAQs say to equip the speed shoes and use them to knock the wall down.


I have them equipped. I dash thru the whole game, and with the speed shoes on, there is no difference in the speed that I move when dashing. I have tried to stand at the wall, and ‘use’ them (the x button). I have tried to run into the wall quite a lot. I have thrown pots at the wall, and it still stands.

How do you use the speed shoes to knock down walls? Or for anything else, other than equipping them?


Gaming fucking Help Forum people, is that so hard?

There’s a Terranigma Shrine here that worked just fine for me.

Thanks! I had read a few hints/FAQ lists, and the common wording is “Don’t forget to equip your speed shoes”. I had looked through several sites, including this one, and not found what I was looking for.

The FAQ here references it the same. The item listing does not tell how to use them. I had assumed the walkthru here would be the same as the other walkthrus I had looked in, so I did not. Heh, the only place it is listed is where I did not look.


Enjoy the game, it’s very entertaining. You’re near the end, however.

If you have AIM, feel free to IM me sometime, OK?

Just a few words of advice:

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And we have a shrine on the game on top of it AND a maintainer that checks his mail (or is supposed to). Jesus fucking christ.