Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Dude, does anyone else watch this show? Man, it came out while I was in OCS so I missed it, but the DVD came out a little while ago and now I’m watching the second season and I just can’t get over how awesome this show is. It fits in so well with the movies and shows John Connor’s development very well (such as his learning to handle and kill terminator’s and his leadership and judgement). Each episode flows so well and there is always something happening. There are many elements in the show that sound sort of crazy or stupid like it is a desperate attempt for ratings, but it actually works very well (such as having Kyle Reese’s brother come into the show and to have it played by Brian Austin Green none the less). I’m just loving the show. So anyone else watch or like this show?

Really? I’ll have to look into it. And by looking into it, I mean reading the episode summaries on Wikipedia :stuck_out_tongue: Since my ADD rarely allows me to actually sit down and watch TV. But still, I wouldn’t have expected it to be cool. What a surprise.

I watched the series premiere, but I didn’t get into it. It seems good, just not my thing.

It’s something I’ve wanted to see, but couldn’t get the time. I just kept missing it.

Good to see River Tam kicking butt again though, even as robot.

<33333333 SCC. It’s the only TV show I watch these days, and for good reason.

One of several shows I kinda want to watch, but don’t have time to do so. (Heroes falls into this catagory also.) Strangely enough, my mom watches it regularly…

I’ll probably get around to seeing it on DVD.

My problem is that it runs against Chuck and Big Bang Theory. Seriously why does everything have to be on during Mondays? There are six other days of the week to show stuff on too damn it. >_<

If you don’t have some kind of tv recorder check out www.eztv.it . They torrent tv shows.

Anyone else seen the most recent episode? (I might be a bit behind since I watch stuff on Hulu, but it’s the one with the red-headed chick in it and the psychologist.)

What the hell, I thought the Terminator killed the Asian chick that knows Derek.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the newest season on Hulu too (I don’t have a TV). [SPOILER]No that Asian chick was the psychologist’s assistant. She was killed leaving the office one that night, and the psychologist mentioned something about having a temp assistant since his was missing or something. Derek’s girl is still at the hotel and has some unknown motives as shown by the photos of the group under her bed. It’ll be interesting to see if there was another purpose for her coming back besides just getting away from the war.

One thing I like about this season is that it has really developed John into a leader and shows how John was able to teach the resistance to fight the machines like Kyle mentioned in the first movie.[/SPOILER]

Everyone I know loves Heroes. I hate Heroes. I want to kill every single character in the show. In fact, it only watched a quarter of the season and I wanted to murder every last one of them. I found the characters shallow, stupid and extremely repetitive. So knowing this, should I try Terminator?

Ah, that clears a lot of stuff up. My bad on the confusion.

I love Heroes. I try to watch it every week. Thats about the only TV show I watch. The SCC looked good, but I just really dont watch TV that much.

I’d say try it. I haven’t found any of the characters annoying, they have surprisingly all worked so far. Like I was sort of hesitant about a female Terminator, but she actually works well in the show. I thought that having Kyle Reese’s brother come was a stunt to get better ratings, but he actually works very well in the show. The people they have playing John and Sarah Connor are great and perfect in the roles. This is one show where I haven’t found any character annoying and I like seeing them all.

If you like Terminator 2, I would HIGHLY suggest this show since it has the same sort of feel and continues it perfectly.