Temporary leap of absense... but not without something to talk about!

Hello, everyone. I’ve got a lot of work to be doing, and it’s all due very soon. So therefore, I don’t think I’ll be browsing the forums quite as much as before. See you all again soon, and have fun everyone! If you need to ask me anything, just let me know by email. 8)

And here’s something to look at and laugh about to take my place. 8P


I mean, I can understand the fact that some people don’t like Pokemon very much, but this site is just sad. They should outlaw HTML use to certain people, methinks!

Bye everyone! See you soon!

~ Dalton Of Zeal

waves goodbye sadly and passes you a Lenneth plushie

You think THAT’S bad? Have you ever heard of Pokemon Hentai? It’s the reason little kids should NEVER be allowed to google things without the appropiate filters on!

Anyway: good luck with your endeavors, Dalton, and hope to see you again soon!


ALL PH34R MY AVATAR!!!::dekar!::

Pokemon Hentai? Ah, what a great time to be a human…-_-’

Seeya 'round dalton!:wave:

Originally posted by ahkeeyuu
ALL PH34R MY AVATAR!!!::dekar!::

Seeya 'round, man. Be well. :wave:

Good luck and be well. :wave:

Mr. Waving Smilie would have been here to see you off, but he is busy stealing candy from adults.

Get your work done so you can bask in insanity again.

Aww… Why do you have to leave Dalton!!? NOOOOOOO!!! Ah well… See ya 'round… In school… MUAHAHAHAHA!!!:enguard:

Wow, after looking at that webpage, I am not sure weather to laugh or to shoot the creator to put himself out of his misery.