Tell me more music like BB King

I’m diggin this stuff
Anyone know?

He’s done some great, great stuff with Eric Clapton. Maybe you should check out Clapton’s blues albums.

Hades, B.B. King is the blues… You can find plenty of stuff just by typing “classic blues albums” and what not in search engines.

But I’ll recommend some artists so I don’t look entirely like a pretentious jack-off:

Albert E. King plays a similar style, pretty shuffling.
John Lee Hooker is a classic as well, I’m sure everyone’s heard Boom Boom.
John Mayall is pretty good, for a white guy. So are the Yardbirds if you like those British thieves. :wink:

Of course there is the classic Robert Johnson, who started the whole devil interest with rock and eventually metal. His style is very raw however, definitely rougher than B.B. King so I’m not sure if you’d dig 'em.

Booker T. and the MG’s are good, although they are more rhythm and blues.
Junior Walker and the All Stars is pretty groovin’ too, check out “Shotgun” by them. Again, a little different from B.B. King, but still in the blues territory.

Nina Simone would be worthwhile to check out as well, but she’s more vocal orientated, but still bluesy.

And of course there’s Stevie Ray Vaughan, another white guy but definitely was a great bluesman.

On an ending note, I am certainly not an expert on the blues, so I’m sure I got sub-genres and whatever mixed up with these recommendations. What I do know though is the blues kicks ass and all the artists I mentioned play it in their own style.