Tell me about Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy, or however you spell it.

I heard Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy was a pretty good game, but I got one question about Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy: what is the story of Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy? Is there any innovative quality to Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy? I heard it’s a childish game, but, it’s quite fucked up also. So, I see Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy for 30$ new at some gameshop, and I’m really thinking of buying Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy, but, is Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy worth the money? I mean, I’d like Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy, but I haven’t heard much about it, 'cept that it’s odd. So uh… yeah, should I buy Katanamrmanri Damancnyamsncy?

Hell if I know, but Katamari Damacy is a game in which you roll this ball around, and when you run over something, it gets picked up in the ball, so eventually you have a big ball of stuff.

Katamari Damacy is about the Prince of All Cosmos. His father, the King, went crazy one night, and wiped out all stars in the sky. Now, it’s the Prince’s responsibilitie to roll up all kinds of things to make new stars!

I love KD. It’s like getting high, without the drugs. And the game has such a kickass soundtrack. The game is also very simple, and just plain fun to play.

I assume you’re talking about Namco’s Katamari Damacy, which sells for $19.99 here in the states. The story is that the King of All Cosmos got really hammered one night and ended up destroying all the stars in the sky. Your job, as the 3 cm tall Prince of All Cosmos is to rebuild the stars using common household items. Basically, you’re given a Katamari (a sticky ball) of a certain size, and told to make it a bigger size. However, you can only pick up things smaller than you. So, you get bigger, and bigger, and bigger based on how much you pick up.

It’s pretty damn fun, and it has a hella bad ass soundtrack. Worth the money.

Is there any like, story? Or is it just random ‘balling’? I mean, a story like, Mario, or is it just a game, like Tetris?

I bought it for $30.00 CDN. It’s a steal at that price.

Is Katamari Damacy considered rare yet? I mean, if it has no like, <b>real story</b>, then I don’t want it.

How good is the OST?

The game isn’t about the story. It’s just alot of fun. There are some cutscenes, but they are pretty pointless.

The ost kicks ass. Alot. I am listening to it right now.

Make up a story as you go along. That’s what I do when I play beat-em-ups.

I suppose you could say it has a story like a mario game. just something to explain why you’re doing something so fun. And there is a little scene thingy with these two kids that smells of “plot” but tastes like something else.

So where can I find some Mp3’s from the OST? Anyone?

Good luck. I had to make my own MP3s.

So there is <b>no</b> database or anything that I can get some tracks from? F-servs?

I have the OST, ahahahahaahahahaah!

sigh fine, I’ll put the MP3s on my fserve after work. Happy?


I only said F-serv 'cause it sounded smart. :(((((((

Where is the F-serv? #rpgc? What type of music is in Katamari Damacy? Is it like, instrumental, or like, crazy rock shit stuff?

Dude, calm down, it was a good idea, I agreed with it, and now music is for the sharing! :smiley:

And in answer to your question: yes.

Bah, the released OST makes me angry. I want Katamari Mambo straight from the game (the remix isn’t as good).

I have the OST on my fserv as well. In fact, you can get it right now.