Tekken News!



Wow secksay. The camera angle looks a little strange in some of the gameplay shots though

Looks like Tekken… Hope it doesn’t play like Tekken. Tekken is just too slow for me. :frowning:

It’d be cooler with an SC character. >_>

“Kilik’s adventures with his long hard rod”

Think about it!

“Kilik’s adventures with his long hard rod”

The game would revolve around Kilik traveling around kazakhstan, beating people up who crack penis jokes about the rod. That would rule. I don’t know why Kazakhstan, just the first country I thought of with a funny name.

Looks uite interesting, but I just wish they had used a different character, since I never really used/liked Nina that much.

she’s got nice swords

The system looks interesting, but I’d personally have liked a male character because now it just looks like they’ll only market the fact that she looks like a total slut.

Besides, Paul Phoenix is the only reason I play Tekken, as I loathe the series ever since T3.

Pfft, Sarah Bryant’d kick her arse any day of the week :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I definitely agree with what Flint says, it being better with an SC character- adventures through medieval Europe, defeating Kings, pillaging towns etc.

Speaking of which, if SC3 DOESN’T include a Scotsman with a kilt, face paint and a claymore, I’ll be VERY disappointed… :get it?:

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[b]Pfft, Sarah Bryant’d kick her arse any day of the week :stuck_out_tongue:


I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Or even better, Yoshimitsu for a Tekken based action game. That would be so great.
(Although Yoshi looks cooler in SC than in Tekken)

Bah! I think its just a fan service!

Mortal Kombat tried to make adventure games starring their characters (sub-zero, and Jax), and boy, didn’t those turn out well?


Everyone hates that stupid Sub-Zero game!

Nina was the best character in sucky tekken.

This looks like a Tekken meets Operation: Winback thing. Probably will suck.

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I know :stuck_out_tongue:

And Vanessa Lewis sch00ls Sarah.

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Ahh, Winback was such a corny but cool game. It was like Metal Gear Solid, minus the plot, good voice acting, and stealth.