Teh random board of teh random chat

Alright, here’s a thread fit for me. I REALLY don’t care what happens in this board; just keep the crap to a minimum.

This may very well get closed soon.

You mean…thread?

I’d love to know why they’d close it. Is it because of me? Do they hate me (yet)?
If so, I’ll need a few secs to grab my Who Hates Me List and a pen. :booster:


No, they’d close it because it’s spam, i.e. has no purpose whatsoever. And your first post implies that you’d have the slightest bit of control over what’s in it.

What I mean is what is the purpose for this thread. Sorry if I sound like a jerk but I’m surprized at someone that can post as much as you.

Yeah, without a point, this thread will get close real soon.

bites Sir-Fuzzi’s face off

Do you have some problem with us?

It KINDA has a point. Ish. It’s like a thread to just blurt the stuff out that surfaces in your head. Point enough, innit? Please?

A baka thread then.

Er, no. We had an entire forum for that. It was called the Tower of Babel, and was eventually closed down due to incessant stupidity.

Oh. Right, I forgot that stupidity runs amock on the internet. That was NOT directed to anyone here, seriously

So the point is to have no point? Jeez, get a livejournal or something.

But I’ll be nice, if you can convince me not to hit the close thread button, I won’t.

Now that’s a game everyone can enjoy.

Is there a that you didn’t put this thread in the chat room forum or did you think that because everything was supposed to be random that you thought the placement should be random?

Last night there was a solitaire tornament. I lost my shirt…

to who

Me, and I still want her bra. That way my cosplay can be complete! sailor moon pose