Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OVA

I saw the first episode of it and… wtf?! Has anyone else seen this?

Krang’s voice was quite funny though.

Want the second?

If you make…
Anime based off cartoon
Manga style cartoon
Manga based off anime

Itll suck

whoaaaaaaa there’s TMNT anime now?

Nooo! >_<

Keep your penis out of my childhood!


I’ve got a torrent for the second episode… think I’ll download it and see if its any more trippy than the first episode.

HAAAA HA HA!! I LOVE IT!! :hahaha;

Where can I see this???

This is either going to be extremely humongous, or die a quick and horrible death. I’m really not sure which to expect.

It’s easier to sum it up like this: Anime sucks.

And it’s even easier to sum it up with this: You’re a fucking moron.

Anime doesn’t suck, it’s just a little weird sometimes.


It came out in like 1994 and there are probably only the two episodes in existance, jeeze.

I’ve seen that… It certainly smokes some serious crack… :fungah:

Watching it as if it’s a parody takes away some of the sting of destroying your childhood… :hahaha;

(Is it just time distorting my memory, or were the bad guys from the original cartoon much cooler? They were complete morons in the anime…)

The comics were awesome.
The TV show was awesome for a totally different reasons.
The first movie wasn’t all that bad.
The second too were good as kitsch.

This, this is going too far. Also, it makes no sense with the idea of the turtles.

The new TMNT they’ve got going on is really good…I don’t think I’ll even bother downloading this torrent.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/redcomet/leo.gif”>

I am…scarred, yeah, just a bit.

So why are you checking the anime boards?

No. Just NO. I watched the old series when I was little. That was cool. The new series sucks. The new videogames suck. That anime sounds like it will suck. STOP MAKING THE TURTLES SUCK!!!