Tech Help, don't hate me

I’ve decided to post in dire need of assistance. I bought a 80 gig HD today. I would like to set it up so the current HD I have is the master and make the new one a slave. How do I do this? Also, how should I go about the installation of the drive. Should I just toss it in there?

Pretty much, but make sure the jumpers on both drives are set correctly.

Look above where the jumper plug is and set it to the correct setting.

To put it in, just secure it into the appropraite slot, and attach the ribbon/power cables.

Make sure you know what the hell you’re doing when you’re tweaking jumpers. It’s pretty easy, otherwise.

mmkay, thanks ^^

I’m an idiot. How do I use the jumper settings. i understand that they’re on the back, do I need a seperate cable?

You merely take out the piece that’s already set in to label it as a master drive and move it to the slave position. Usually there’s a diagram above it.

ahhh, I see. danke.