I never quite understand why, but there’s always two or three teachers in every school I go to, that I absolutely hate. That, I can always live with, but whenever I talk to others, they always think the teacher is great. Humourously, they never back it up, just poorly attempt to undermine my opinions. But, to insure I’m not nuts or something, could you peoples tell me what you want in a teacher?

Furthermore, could you look through this list and tell me if these are qualities you find offensive…

My teacher…
-Has a poor sense of humour
-Takes things too seriously
-Must continue with the curriculum, very slowly, and refuses to expand on anything else
-Has trouble controlling students
-Refuses to accept Form is not superior to Function (long story, and open to debate. Will embellish later)

Don’t ask about the last one, I’ll add more later, but I don’t feel like writing into it now.

I liked all of my teachers really when I was in school. All had great sense of humor, would always kid around with us.

I really do miss those days. =(

But a bad sense of humor doesn’t necessarily make a bad teacher. However, those qualities do prove that a teacher can be bad with a few of those.

I think I’m lucky, I’ve had so few teachers like those I can’t even remember them easily. Got only nice ones for the last 4 years or so.

I only want a teacher that can hold my interest for longer than 2 minutes. I’ve only had one ever, and she would be my history teacher this year. Other than that, I’ve never thought any of my teachers deserved my respect.

Not having a sense of humor can be a downer, but I’m not sure it’s a sign that the teacher is a bad one.

No comment. Say more about form versus function. It sounds a little like one of my greatest suspicions concerning education.

All of them.
And arrogancy. Especially arrogancy.
<Can’t write today. Grah!>

I like it when teachers dont care. That way you dont feel guilty when you fail the class.

I like it when kids actually pay a-fucking-tention instead of bitching about how “bad” their teachers are >>;

Yeah, the greatest part is that YOU’RE the one who should care if you flunk your class, not your teacher. After all, he has a stable job and you don’t even have a bloody school diploma >:)

I don’t mind if a teacher has a poor sense of humor. At least, he tries to make jokes. What I find offensive, though, is when the other students comment arrogantly about his bad jokes as if they were so much funnier than the prof. No need to say I don’t think they are. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m in my last year at university and that kind of behavior still happens from students.

Many teachers have trouble controlling their students, but I don’t totally blame them. I don’t know what course you’re talking about (uh, or if it’s high school or college…), but try to teach math, for example, to a bunch of post/teenagers who’re obviously not interested and you’ll have hellish trouble controlling them too.

Sometimes, kids have good reasons to whine about their teachers, but most of the fucking time, they should just shut up and listen. :stuck_out_tongue: Though there are bad teachers (as there are incompetent people in every job), a teacher can’t always be expected to do his/her job efficiently if the students don’t cooperate. Oh, but Steve put it better than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I live in Georgia, which is 50th in the USA for education systems. So I think I have every right to bitch -_-

Most of my teachers don’t know shit. My AP teachers do, they know their stuff, but I can generally teach my other classess.

I had my share of teachers whom I hated in secondary school, ranging from extreme callous types who expected far too much, others who failed to establish a good emotional relationship with their students, and French teachers, who were for the most part, quite mental.

In university, however, I have never had a professor whom I have hated. I have disliked a few a little, but on the whole, all I have known over the passed few years have been men and women who love to teach and do it well.

There’s only a few bad teachers in my school, or teachers I think are bad. One of them is really annoying, he just repeats the same thing over and over again, is half deaf, and doesn’t teach too good. But I guess he isn’t that bad… I’d say it’s mostly the students in a school that make a school horrible.

I can’t say I’ve had a teacher I’ve hated. There are a few whom I really didn’t like >.>;; and one who didn’t like me; but he’s a P.E. teacher, and I didn’t go to his class… uhh… most of the time >.>; and when I did I was a complete asshole :stuck_out_tongue: But either way, we are still polite to eachother. I honestly don’t have anything aganst him personaly, just that I -hate- P.E. (When you’re 120~ pounds and the rest of the class is 200+ and all they do is play full contact, you’d hate it too.)

I think that it’s also your job as a student to NOT SUCK. Give the teachers a break, they have about 200 of you little assholes to deal with everyday. (And your parents :P)


Most of your class was over 200? What school do you go to? A Hockey Academy?

One teacher doesn’t get only 30 students, Hades :stuck_out_tongue: He means different classes.

Eva, they were talking about the weight of the students in Eden’s PE class. Althought it is odd he used the number 200 in two different ways…and 200 students is a bit high for a single high school teacher…

Well, simply put, Form is what makes an assignment nice and pretty and all happy-like (such as adding an irrelevant drawing to get a better mark), and Function is whether the assignment actually demonstrates knowledge. Most of my teachers believe in using form, even the teachers I like, which annoys me. The thing is, I don’t feel I should be marked on history by seeing how neatly I can draw within the lines. It has no purpose. People simply like colourful things because they’re idiots. The biggest problem, though, is that none of my teachers will admit it is blatant manipulation.

As a reply to almost everyone, sure, I am one of those kids who just complain and complain. I like arguing. That does not make my opinions less valid.

I’ll add more later.

I don’t mind if teachers have a bad sense of humour, at least they’re trying to make contact other than teaching. What I hate is when a teacher picks on one kid for absolutely no reason. It’s happening in my Physics class and everyone can see it but can’t do anything about it.

-Has a poor sense of humour

Shouldn’t be a problem. Class is, after all, a place to learn, not a stand-up comedy show. A good sense of humour helps, yes, but it’s not the teacher’s fault. There’s also always the options of not making too many jokes with this teacher.

-Takes things too seriously

Same as above, really.

-Must continue with the curriculum, very slowly, and refuses to expand on anything else

That is his job. If he is explaining everything that he’s supposed to teach clearly, then I see no problem. If I was in an algebra class and fit for that level I’d be pretty bored if the teacher went off on tangeants (ha ha :P) about calculus concepts. Expanding is also nice, of course, as long as it’s relevant and controlled, but also not necessary, and certainly not a problem.

-Has trouble controlling students

This is probably a teacher skill he needs to work on. Some people seem to have an aura of authority, though. I guess this guy just doesn’t. Can’t really change his character overnight.

However, if you think about it, who’s at fault here? The students or the teacher?

-Refuses to accept Form is not superior to Function (long story, and open to debate. Will embellish later)

I’m not going in this one because this may only end up in a stupid argument in which both sides give exaggerated examples in order to reinforce their own points. I will agree, however, that function is more important than form, but that without a certain degree of form function is entirely useless.