Tatiana Razajev: The proof I am a fanatic

Yes I know so many hate her for various reasons. However as many know I am her biggest fan. At least I think I am. Out of all the quests in Romancing SaGa 3, I have yet to complete Mikhail’s quest simply because he does not get Tatiana in his party. Yes it’s a silly reason not to complete a quest, but it’s not like the quests vary that much. Still there is the ruling game, but then again that’s still not enough to get me try it instead. So there you have it, I like a character enough that I avoid a quest just because I can’t play as her.

My same-level favourite is Thomas Bent - I’ve finished the game with him in all possible endings and Class/Weapon combos - and I must tell you, he simply rocks as a Fighter/Sword (sometimes even managed to stay ahead before Julian!

Ah I see. I guess if I went into other SaGas. I’d say I love to use Annie in SaGa Frontier all the time unless I’m trying to beat it with no humans. Of course if Liza or Rei was in every quest then I’d use them all the time. Of course I’d probably be more likely to play Mikhail’s quest if the main quests in RS3 actually varied like they did in SaGa Frontier or Unlimited SaGa.

Out of curiosity, does anybody here know how to beat Tatyana’s sidequest? Or a better question would be how to trigger it? I’ve even tried bankrupting the Lasaiev Corp in Thomas’ business game but nothing’s come up.

Supposedly if you know how to hack the game usually by the rom, you can get her ending in the game. Ie a scene with her during the ending part. Apparently you have to hack the game because of a few bugs. However I lost the data on how to do it. Also I suck at hacking. And even though she is supposed to have an ending programmed into the game. It may be her side quest was never completed or started or she may have not been meant to have one. Ie the game just assumes her ending will happen if not for the problem.

It’s probably unfinished.
One guy at GameFaqs accidentally entered a battle with a Titan in Shinon forest (same as in intro cutscenes). Just love it when they don’t clean up after themselves >_>

“accidentally” entered a battle with a Titan in Shinon forest? haha, I don’t believe that clown one bit. Neither should you.

I would like to know how to reach that door on the ledge outside the Tomb of Kings though. I keep thinking “Fatima’s in THERE”.

Well, I do. He keeps finidng strange things like Zahark and makes screenshots of these. He did a screenshot for titan too, but I don’t remember the place where he posted it.

I would like to know how to reach that door on the ledge outside the Tomb of Kings though. I keep thinking “Fatima’s in THERE”.

Ummm… you DO know that Fatima appears in the ending only if you won’t touch the Kamsheen?

Oh, he takes screenshots of them? Okay, sorry. My mistake. I didn’t realize he was backing up his claims.

Check it out, though. While I was taking a walk on Mt. Loob, I accidentally encountered the Destroyer. Whoops, eh?

No, I didn’t. I’ve only played Harid’s scenario once, and how could I resist the temptation to take his strongest sword? Quit acting like it’s common knowledge.

Lol Dyhalto! That screenshot rocks, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

And hey, Rankin. You kind of have a rude way of giving your opinions and comments. Cool it a bit, ok man?

What an irony >_>

I believe him 'cause I’ve found Zahark also.

Fight and run away from battle with Hidora in Aunas’ palace about twenty times, save, reset, reload (by game’s “save” option") and try until you hit it. It’s -terribly- rare but definetly possible.

Rude…? All right, maybe you’re right. I’ll calm down a bit.

Uh… you know her last name is Laseiv, right?

PS Do you still have that edit program Mana Sword gave you that flips Tatyana’s Librof/ending flag? If so, can you email it to me?

Actually I kind of go by the last name in the Japanese guide book I have for her. Hence I call her Tatiana Razajev. I like the sound of it also. And what Mana Sword gave me was infor on how to flip the ending flag. I don’t have the info anymore or a good hacking program.

Calling her Tatiana Razajev makes her sound like the demon-daughter of St. Ajora (the Final Fantasy Tactics character, not the SaGa fanboy). :hyperven: In the actual game, she makes Carlie from Seiken Densetsu 3 look like a capable adult. At least Carlie made it all the way to the Moonlight Forest without leeching off experienced adventurers. :ah-ha!:

Actually, part of the fun of some of the SaGa games is taking cute/funny characters and making them all powerful, then taking your talking snowman/were-elephant/moleman/bratty 15-year old girl/drunken samurai and having them kill evil gods.

Yes definitely part of the fun of the SaGa games is the type of characters you get to use. Heck for my first play through of RS3, I had a wandering girl (Tatiana), a super hero (Robin), a water mage (Undine), and a Fairy (Fairy) for my party with of course Ellen as the leader. Of course with the loss of my data including my RS3 saves I’m playing through the game again. Well of course I have to decide who to get. Ie besides the main and of course Tatiana. Still right now I’m on an Ellen game.