Tangled: Character Featurettes

Heh, those folks at Disney sure know how to sell their characters. The cast of [STRIKE]Rapunzel[/STRIKE] Tangled was not well publicized (beyond the heroine and her “hero”) until now, but these ingenious featurettes let you know all you need AND they will crack you up: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/tangled/trailers/11123782 (note: the other links are to the lower right)

I dig the villainess already! :wink: Oh and now I know why the horse hates its rider it’s because the horse actually belongs to the people chasing him, they’re ENEMIES! And even those bar thugs are deeper than you’d think. :wink:

And yeah the chameleon is cute, I admit it.

Oh and in case anybody’s wondering the reason why the witch won’t let Rapunzel out of the tower (I read this elsewhere) is because combing Rapunzel’s hair keeps the witch young. So keep your minds out of the gutter, Yuri fans! :stuck_out_tongue: