Talk Like a Pirate Day

Awesome! International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19… Sunday!

I almost forgot! :wave:

If you have no idea what the stupid newbie is talking about, go here.

Maybe after tossing back some ale I’ll be able to talk like a pirate… I’ll dress like Jack Sparrow tomorrow. (Johnny Depp is so hot :moogle: )

Hrm, it seems like the “theme” days are coming more and more every week now. But at least this one is cool, unlike that crab crap smiles at the crabbers

Next should be “Talk like a Ninja” day…

Yes… silent… with the occasional “Yoooshhhhh” after killing someone. Which you have to do cause you’d be a ninja… And ninjas kill everything… even pirates.

Ninja’s don’t kill, they assasinate. Samurais kill. Important difference.

Brides named Beatrix kill, as well. Although mainly their focus is on people named William.

You. Take. That. Back.

Talk like a pirate day came before crab day. And crab day was just a local-type holiday.

I think I’ll shiver me timbers.



Now let us all take part in a traditional shanty!

Up, up, up your premium!
Up, up, up your premium!
Scribble away!
And balance the books…
Scribble away!
But manage the books…

It’s fun to charter an accountant,
And sail the wide accountancy,
To find, explore the funds offshore,
And skirt the shoals of bankruptcy!

It can be manly in insurance,
We’ll up your premium semi-annually,
It’s all tax deductible,
We’re fairly incorruptible,
We’re sailing on the wide accountancy![/i]

Let the Ninja/Pirate wars begin…

While the Pirates have, um… well Johnny Depp… Who the hell else do they have worthy of note!!!

The ninja side is CLEARLY the winning side. Ryu, Taki, and Ibuki are the only ones that come to mind right now, but thats cause I’m tired… Someone else state off all the awesome ninjas.

And just cause we need it to be fair, can anyone name some good pirates other than Jack Sparrow? We already know about him.

Black Bart (Bartholomew Roberts,) ‘Calico’ Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Blackbeard (Edward Teach,) and Captain Kidd…that’s all the pirates I can think of at the moment.

I’m sorry, but I know because(I know that you all think this site is stupid)I go on Neopets, and they celabrate that…

<img src=“”>

There’s also the Dread Pirate [strike]Wesley[/strike]Roberts!

Pirates have Gráinne Mhaol, who kicked the British navy’s ass for a while, then didn’t. Ninjas’s have Shadow, who rocks because he has a dog that eats strangers.

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer…
Whoops, one was gulped down…
98 bottles of beer on the wall…


Sir Francis Drake.

Is he a pirate or a ninja? :slight_smile:

Yar, the same thing be going on at my university. People are already hooked on speakin’ like a sea-farin’ master of the high seas.

Why’re you telling me that? :3