Tales of Symphonia

June 30th , US Release. WOOOO!!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> By the gods, I hate you people :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I just jeaned my creams. <!-- and yes, that was intentional -->

Damn you Japan! Why do you ahve to threaten my atheism?

I still haven’t gotten around to beating Tales of Eternia.


I hate being in Region 2…

I hate being in Region 2…

I’ll second that.


Don’t worry Tench. We’ll just raid America.

looks foward to the Norway dominion

Question, though. Do we all have to live in wood houses?

looks forward to ToS as well, and any Bartender jokes it has to offer

…another reason to love my GameCube.

I’ve only played ToP on the SNES (the dejap translation), well after the more recent games became hard to find (well, I never really looked admittedly), but I liked it a lot, so I’ll definately give this one a shot.

Tales of Destiny was pretty good. Pick it up if you can find it. It’s actually fun to play with two people.

Man it makes me wish i had a Gamecube,i love the Tales series.wasnt there supposed to be a direct sequel of Tales of Destiny coming for PS2?

PS:Im in my friends computer right know in im not going to have internet in my house for two weeks it sucks,sorry for the rant


Tales of Eternia(ToD2) is bettah in my opinion.


PV wishes that she had a 'cube.

Hopefully I’ll be done with ToE by then. How is it, in comparison to ToD (besides having that weird alien girl who you can’t understand but sounds really, REALLY cute when she speaks)?