Tales of symphonia game help with a boss name Iapyx

I just want to know thats all. I might be underlevel.

I haven’t played the game, but I looked him up for you. He has 14000 HP, and he hits fairly hard, as you are no doubt aware.

Supposedly, he is a lot like an earlier boss from Thoda Geyser, and supposedly you can dodge some of his attacks with a Tempest tech move if you get up in the air.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I’m sure someone (RPT in particular) should be able to help you out. Good luck!

Ahaha. Aha. Sorry. I haven’t actually been able to play much. I just finished the fight at Asgard. You’re probably ahead of me.

Ok thanks

Was he the gaurdian of the wind thing or the fake at Asgard. Both are pretty easy I was somewhere in the mid twenties

Yes that I was talking about.