Tales of Symphonia 2


Some info on the sequel to Tales of Symphonia. At first I was excited when I heard about this title, but then I realized this probably is not made by the makers of TOS, Team Symphonia. Anyone else wanting this game or thinking they’re going to be disappointed by the game?

The Tales games have a lot of variability so we’ll just have to wait and see. If its a flop, Tales of Vesperia has potential.

Try using 1up.com as a source of info.

As Sin said, the Tales games can be anything from awesome works to horrible trainwrecks, so there’s no way to tell until the actual game is out.

I’ve only played Tales of Phantasia, Destiny, and Symphonia. All of them, I loved. out of curiosity, which games in particular are supposed to be the “miss” side of things?

Eternia is easily among the less engaging, uninteresting and tedious games I’ve ever played.

Tales of Legendia conjures a rage that words cannot express within me.

I truly, honestly, wished death upon the main character and his sister by chapter 8 and traded the game in before finishing it. I could not stand it anymore, and the combat system felt like crap compared to others.

And Indignation looked like garbage

Somebody should send those guys some Indignation Enhancement/Enlargement Products. <_<

That said from what I’ve heard about the game so far is that the battle system is going to be either the same or very similar to TotA’s. The party system is going to be similar to DQ V’s (i.e. a limited set of characters plus domesticated monsters along with the occasional guest character for parts that need them). The world map is going to be destination based (I don’t know how they’re going to handle the skits this time around). The destinations are going to be similar (with exceptions due to the mass geographical changes made at Symphonia 1’s end). The original cast is returning with the exception of Kratos technically speaking (he has narration duties instead this time).

That is for the most part what I know of ToS:tKoR

Sadly, I don’t know of the status of this version’s Indignation. >_<

I actually liked Eternia more than Destiny, but yeah, Legendia is just a huge miss.

Man, it sucks that people here seem to hate Legendia. I was so excited to hear when it first casme out that the main characters were brother and sister. I was hoping to see some nice ad realistic character dynamics, after some of the interesting stuff that happened between Genis and Rainefrom Symphonia.

Except they weren’t and the ‘sister’ wanted to ride the brother’s epic mount when her competition, her OTHER sister, died.

OH god, I was afraid of that. Why is it so hard to make a brother-sister duo that’s just that, without signs of incest between them? I don’t even care iof they’re not related by blood, there should still be some sort of relationship there… although from what I’ve seen of so many RPGs from Japan, if you’re not related, you’re free to screw.

What really ruined the storyline for me was . . .

The first 30 hours focuses on the 2 main characters’, Senel’s and Shirley’s, relationship. Except they were practically never together and they seemed too shy when they were together so I didn’t like their relationship. Some of the side character’s storylines seemed interesting, but you don’t find out about those until after you beat the game. If they had mixed the other character’s storylines better into the main story, I might have liked the storyline.

I found the first 30 hours felt like a RPG version of Super Mario Bros. YOUR SISTER IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE LOL.

And that was the best part the game had to offer when it came to Shirley, too…

I’ll be getting it.

I loved ToS and got SO much replayability out of it.

If this one sucks, I’ll sell it back. Or just read a synopsis and watch youtube vids of it.

Either way, I can’t wait.

Looks very good so far.

I’m also looking forward to Tales of Innocence if it ever comes out here.

I have Symphonia, Destiny and Eternia.