Tales of Phantasia SNES Glitch Help


ok, ive been playing this game for a few days now, and im in volts cave in the future. im at the point where you have to go in this small room to flip the switch so you can use your ring to start the generators to open a door. this is so i can get the airwings, if that helps jog any memories.

without flipping this switch, the door only opens a crack.

problem: the door leading to the switch wont open. so i used a game genie code to pass through the door, hit the switch, turn the code off and it bounces me back into the main room. ok, so i go over and shoot the generator, and it wont activate.

if i go back and turn the switch back off, the generators activate but were back to square one, with the door not opening.

while imin the little room with the switch, the door wont open either way. going in or coming out. so to get in i have to use the code, to get out i have to turn it off.

i had a bright idea: ok, flip the switch, turn the code off and go back into the room. then re-activate the code and walk through the door im trying to open. except, i cant walk through that door. at least with this code.

ive been all over the dungeon, and i cant find anything i didnt do or any place i havent been. now, there was that door that closed on me that i didnt get to in time, but that didnt seem to matter since you can go around it. you go another way, and the door is open from the other side of where you were and you walk through it and it closes, shutting you out at the begining again.

so thats the only thing i didnt do and it doesnt seem to be needed to complete the dungeon.

so, im stuck, and it seems i might be fucked, which sucks badly cause tis is a great game and id like to continue on with it.

does anyone know of anything im not doing? or another code where i could walk through the door?

im using ZSNES for linux. the binary i got off of zophars domain before it mysteriously stopped loading for me. if this isnt the newest version i cant be too many behind, i got this within the last 2-3 weeks or so.

im using the rom from a popular rom site, and its version 1.2 of the dejap. that was the most recent this site had so i figured it was the best. the checksum is bad i think, but id imagine thats because of the dejap. otherwise, the game plays perfectly.

and yes, im using quite a few cheats. they havent effected anything so far, save for having to turn the no random battles off so i could get the basilisk scales.

so, does anyone know wat might help? is there a site out there with a save that would get me past this? i dont want to go all the way and just see the ending.

TIA for any help. if youd like to talk to me off this board for whatever reason heres some ways to contact me:

YIM: nihilistillusion
AIM: SinistarAres
ICQ: 243245818
Email: nihilist2004 at safe-mail.net