Tales of Phantasia PSX


Looks kickass. It’ll probably still be like another year until they’re finished dumping, translating, and formatting the script, and beta testing, but I for one am looking forward to it. :sunglasses:

I liked the SNES sprites better, Chester looks really odd. So, how is the PSX version any different from the SNES besides for the ninja brat?

Chester gets techs other than ‘shoot arrow’. Graphics are more on par with the other PSX Tales games, the ninja brat owns you.

I dunno if there’s more, only watched Hiei play briefly.

Eternia must be a real leap then, because I still haven’t seen any real difference between Destiny and the SNES Phantasia. Which reminds me I need to find Eternia already.

Eternia looks entirely different from Destiny and Phantasia.

There are a lot of new things… new/changed items, spells, monsters etc., a monster and item collection, story differences, a complete rewrite of the script, a cooking system similar to ToE’s, and new dungeons.

Plus it’s 3 whole discs, not 1.

ToP? No, it’s only one disc. And ToE is two, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.