Tales of Legendia

So I found it cheap and decided to get it. Yeah, I asked about it in the Abyss thread, but I decided to devote an actual thread to it.

All I can say right now is I hate the art direction and graphical style. It’s like a glossy PS1 game. This came out after Symphonia and around the same time as Abyss, so I’m thinking they were all being developed at the same time. It’s like the studio that worked on it (not Tales) was given the short end of the financial stick and it shows.

Well, I’ll get back into it when I finish Abyss.

Wait, you’re playing more than one RPG at once? Well it’s your choice, but I never do that. I feel it prevents one from getting immersed in a particular story at a time. Not to mention it leads to comparing the two games when you haven’t even finished one, which isn’t really fair.

No, I was just checking it out. I basically just made it to the first save point to see what it was like. I can’t play more than one RPG at once for that reason. Maybe I’ll lose interest in one and play thorugh another one than get back to it., but I won’t just trade off.

Ah, OK. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

English much?

I didn’t understand him either but I think he means that Legendia is actually TWO stories rather one; the first segues right into the second.

I kinda gathered that much, but he just sort of left his post unfinished…

Probably a bot. Best to ignore it.

I’ve never seen a bot make make a specific post in a specific thread.

THEY’RE EVOLVING!! :eek: (SCREAMERS reference.)