Tales of Legendia

So…Has anyone played this game aside from me…

This had to been the worst game I have played. Only, because I didn’t really “play” it…let me explain.

I bought the game from gamestop for $29.99 and for about half an hour I had about 10 total minutes of gameplay and about 20 minutes of cutscenes, and unlike tales of Symphonia, or Star Ocean, they do not give you the option to skip them…

I enjoyed the game, I have about 40 hrs in it so far, the fact you have to sit through multiple cut scenes at the beginning of a game is not a good reason to automatically hate it imo, at the beginning of an RPG a good amount of story development is expected.

Ten minutes of gameplay doesn’t exactly give you the most credible review of a game. Unless it’s Diablo.

Just because the storyline is included in the cutscene doesn['t mean they shouldnt give you an option to skip cutscenes.

I played it to the end, and then traded it for something else.

I hated the characters too much to do their little extra stories post-endgame.

Apparently the character stories aren’t exactly postgame content, so much as they are half the game. I still don’t think I’ll bother going back and playing them, as ToL is probably the most boring and uninspired Tales game to date.

I am only at the end of Chapter 3…but I like this game thus far. The characters are not bad…I especially like Norma. The battlesystem is very basic…doesn’t compare to other Tales games…but it’s no big deal. Not being able to skip cutscenes is no big deal either…I wouldn’t cry about it.

If you skip the cutscenes on your first time through you’ll end up missing some of the story, and the story is normally a very big part of RPGs…
And I don’t see whats so bad about the game, Its not the greatest but its worth at least one play through in my opinion…

Its not a bad game but its easy to go through the game without much lvling then you get screwed in the end since you need high lvls to beat the char chapters.