Tales of Legendia - Ruins of frozen light

How the fuck do I get there? I just started chapter 3, I’m outside the waterways. I know to go in the direction of 4 o clock, but I either end up at a penninsula or back at Orensoren. Help please.

Figured it out. Thanks for the assistance.

Your Welcome

But are you really going to play through all of this game? GOOD LUCK I hope you have the patience to finish this game.

The main game is short as hell (not counting character quests)l. It’s holding my attention so far. Why wouldn’t I?

I just really hated that game, most of the characters weren’t that likeble for me, and the massive repetition of dungeons was tiring. The final boss was kinda dissapointing.

I like the characters, as cookie cutter as they may be. I cannot stand Moses though. Why the fuck would they give him a cowboy accent? Otherwise, like I said, it’s short and easy like a midget hooker, which considering my gaming backlog and schoolwork, is good right now.

BTW, what’s up with those character quests? Are they part of the main game or is it post-credit stuffs?

The game isn’t bad, but it gets REALLY pretentious in spots. I did like the characters though man, do they do stupid things at times (see: Senel and Stella). And yeah, that “revisit four dungeons so you can advance the plot” thing was annoying, especially when you find out what the reveal is. thud

The cowboy accent might have been an attempt at giving Moses a “backwards-sounding” accent, since in Japanese he has one (for Japan that is.)

The character quests are basically an entirely separate story that’s just an excuse to reveal more of each character’s past. I liked it too, except the whole deal with the bosses gets old after a while (you’ll see what I mean.)