Tales of Eternia Fan's rejoice

They’re making a Tales of Eternia online game,i wonder how this is going to work,it could work,but i wonder how lag is going to be in battles.

News here

I was debating on whether to make a topic on this, 'cause there was only the official Japanese webpage. Looks like they finally released some new screenies. :smiley:

Repressing my fanboy insticts, my first thought is ‘ewww’. Those sprites do not look right at all compared to the backgrounds. They need to improve that, and the variety of the user-portraits also, else we’ll end up with RO-style varition, but even more obvious.

but i wonder how lag is going to be in battles.

If anything like Tales of Eternia, it’s gonna be huge. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’ll also be interesting to see how they manage to combine a real-time graphics-intensive battle system in an MMO, and how the party system is going to work. I also notice there are no world map screens, or screens of Celestia, so it’ll be… strange… to see how this game comes out, especially since Inferia and Celestia spit up and morphed into seperate planets at the end of ToE.

There. Now,

Holy crap! If they manage to incorporate an action battle system into an ONLINE RPG, this will be massive.


Looks pretty good, they took an important part of RO’s design, it’s simplicity. :ark:

I have my doubts, these things often turn out to be all hype, no fun.

Nice… wonder what would be the requirements?