Tactics Arena


Online game, kinda like FFT, one on one against human opponents. Free and easy to sign up, I’ve been playing with Ack and Trill, very fun. Play, go to site, blah.

This is fun…even though I suck.

Yeah everyone I’ve played with (and me) has gotten slaughtered in their first few rounds, especially against random opponents.

I just played, my opponent was some gold member with dragons and stuff, he probably got bored of me, cause he surrendered.

It’s okay…

It looks pretty fun, I might try it someday. Not today though.

Guh, I can’t stand this game, way too boring.

I agree. This game is awfully boring.
The graphics are too plain and lifeless. There is no background music. The system aren’t quite user friendly. There’s not enough options of what type of attacks.
The game should be 8v8, everybody with their own unit.

what server are you playing on?

I’m playing on Ganff as |Damage|