Tactical NDS RPGs

Are their any other worthy mention aside from FFTA2 and Disgaea DS? If so please recommend one here and try to elaborate on why its good or unique.

PSP really seems to have all the good stuff. :sunglasses:
Valkyrie Profile is coming out with a TRPG/RPG hybrid, but it’ll be quite a while till it’s out…

Front Mission? Luminous Arc? I haven’t played them so someone else will have to chime in. You could always go for gba games if you haven’t already played them.

I tried Lumious Arc it felt a little too generic, though. Front Mission won’t work cause I’m not a fan of mech games.

I’m waitng for that;). Tri-Ace is an amazing company and it will interesting to see how they fare with a Tactical RPG, my guess is very well. Although it should be a seperate series than VP.

Why would you say that? Just because the gameplay style is a little different? By that argument FF Tactics, FF Crystal Chronicles, and FFXI should all be separate series. Hell, arguably every game after FF9 should be.

Chill man, I didn’t mean to start a fight with ya. I just think that maybe Tri-Ace should start a new series instead of using Valkyrie Profile, they only have 2 series anyway and both of them are have been around for a while anyway, why not name it something new? I also know it will probably be awesome, so if its a spin-off chances are slim that it will get a sequel. I already consider FFT seperate from Final Fantasy anyways, but none of others. Seriously, I hate when a name is used just because it will +consumers, try something instead, it may not add consumers but it takes off the chains of high expectations. Take Tactics Ogre-Knight of the Lodis for ex., great game but it since used the name Tactics Ogre people had unrealistic expectations(including me). A new name would declare a new series and wash away judgment of past success+ I still think Tri-Ace would do excellent with a Strategy RPGs series.

I see nothing wrong with augmenting already established series. Sometimes it’s a pretty good success, and other times it fails miserably (forgive me for a lack of an example here). I mean, who thought FFT would be that successful?

Also, tri-Ace has more than 2 series. Forgetting Radiata Stories and the newly released Infinite Undiscovery?

Oh yeah, my bad. I just don’t want to hear people bitch n’ and moaning because its not VP enough. A new name would give a fresh excuse to make the game a little different thats all.

Certain people bitched that VP 2 wasn’t VP enough, but that doesn’t mean it should’ve belonged to a separate series. Besides the new VP game doesn’t have a number, and could still be seen as a spin-off or side-story to the main numbered series (especially since, from what I’ve heard, is that this game is supposed to precede the first game chronologically (and in the same universe this time too)).

Point is that a company doesn’t need to create a brand new IP every time they want to try something new.

Well my point is I want to see a tactical RPG from Tri-Ace.