Table help

Yes, I’m back, but I don’t have the same problem this time. I made a table using the provided page template, but when I posted it, the table is “transparent”. Every other table on my shrine is fine, but this one isn’t. I made sure to put the class info junk, but it’s still transparent. I then copied the table to a new HTML file, saved it and reformatted it, but it’s still transparent. Anyways, I was wondering if anyonw could help me, the page is located here.

Thanks for the help.

No, the table’s missing the class=“info” attribute. You put the attribute on the TH element, not the TABLE element.

I could of sworn I put that there… well thanks Cid, I fixed it. Next time I’ll be sure I put it in the right place.

Ok Topic Hijackked, just wanting a quick check of some table I have made. is the table found there formated correctly? I just ask because of in other shrines the border of the tables seems a little darker. Like this page for instance,, notice the tables much darker border. Thanks in advance, Dyhalto

Yours is actually more correct. The other version doesn’t use the “class=info”.

Ok good, I was sweating tring to figure out where I screwed up.

Oh, come on, I take a two week vacation and I get back to see my topic stolen. Just kidding :slight_smile: I joined another forum, but there are only jerks there, I am glad to see helpful people here, especially you Cid. You guys are awesome.