Just saw the movie, it freaking ruled. The end rocked, go see it now. Why are you still reading! GO!

Now? But…It’s early now… And I still want to see it.

But I don’t want to.:get it?:

But, I went to the premier, and I saw it again 4 days after it came out.

I greatly enjoyed the movie, and I agree, the ending did rock.

Cant wait for the next one :slight_smile:

i tried to go and see it, but i got kicked out of the cinema 'cus i was too young

I’ve already seen it, and I liked it…though I can’t tell if I liked T3 or T2 better…

I didn’t like it at all.

I just realized something today. Skynet is supposed to be a reference to illegal filesharing! OMG!!! By downloading stuff off Kazaa, we are bringing about Judgement Day!

It was a kick-ass movie, though. My favorite scene was the chase with the huge frickin’ crane. :mwahaha:

I found the ending of T3 to be the worst of all three of them. Lameness asides, it just utterly disrupted the point of the series beyond blowing shit up.

I heard it was good from a friend, I really want to see it now.

i dont like it and i havent even seen it. im bitter than edward furlong isnt in it.

seriously though, how can john conner go from being so cute to being a really ugly guy with shaving problems?

Ok, the first movie had them crashing around stuff in a cop car.
the second had a big ass 16 wheeler
The third had that construction crane thing
what are they going to use in the fourth movie? Some kind of mining lift?

A train of some sort would be my guess. Or perhaps a flying vehicle.

Originally posted by Silhouette
seriously though, how can john conner go from being so cute to being a really ugly guy with shaving problems?

I liked this about the movie. It made John very reminiscent of Kye Reese, his father. It may not be the best look, but it it is good for the story. I was impressed by the movie. I thought that a sequel to to T2 would suck and it would come up with a really gay way of continuing the plot, but it actually worked for the most part.

Well basically it was a dumbed down version of the first two movies, but I still enjoyed it. Of course it’s disappointing judging on how good the first two were, but that was to be expected from me so I didn’t mind that much. 3 out of 4 stars for me.

2’s still the best of the bunch if you ask me, but I enjoyed it. With all the stuff that blew up and the corny humor involved, how could I not?

you be the judge

I would go see it, but I’m not sure it’s been released over here yet.

All I can say is I hope it’s better than the fecking boring lamearsed The Hulk.

Plus it’s a 12A! Will I get in? I’m only 13!

Bites Nails

wtf is 12A