T... There's no Undertale thread yet???

I uh…

I was going to post my new LP, but let me first say that if you haven’t played Undertale yet you really should. It’s inexpensive, and short, and well worth your time/money.

Anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P15S1QV4LOw

Yeah I’ve bought it, but I’m waiting until next week (i.e after finals). I’m sure it’s good, but I wish everyone I knew that played RPGs hadn’t gushed to me about how amazing it is. Now, if it’s not every bit as amazing as they say, I’m gonna be disappointed, which sucks.

It’s a humble game. Made by a single person. Art, music, story, programming, ect. All pretty much one guy.

It’s not mean to be a blockbuster, or to be hyped. It’s just a short linear jrpg full of bad puns.

And yet, it does have something. Care. There is so much care put into the details of this game. And that’s something we haven’t seen much from the big companies lately.

Try to forget everything everyone has said, and just go in as blind as possible without expectations.

I finished it this weekend. Yes, I’m a wee bit behind on my backlog.

But it made me feel things, both the neutral and pacifist endings. Said ending is a smidge of a challenge too since you won’t gain HP ever, so bring some healing items!

The music was really good, the story was fun, some of the stuff was amazingly clever and it caught me by surprise more than once with clever ideas and such.

102% worth it.