T.T Xenogears

Your technique lacks style and damage though :P. My point is that fuel doesn’t matter anymore at that point and the sheer excess of damage you can do with this kind of set up will kill the last boss main form in less than 3 turns.

It gets the job done :P. I get your point and I agree, I just chose not to use that because it’s overkill to me.

I do agree it gets the job done and I’ve glanced over the interesting combinations out of hesitation it might put me in a tight spot (and at the cost of the parts…fuck…), but I just want to point to everyone that it works really nicely and that its fun to try out. The last dungeon is a bitch, this is just 1 way to make it less bitchy.

In what sense is the dungeon a bitch? It is fucking annoying (and confusing) to navigate, but the only relatively strong enemy around is the Power Seraph (Which you should fight anyway to get the AntiAngel Systems) and you can use the merchant Gear at the end to repair and refuel.

Its a long dungeon with a lot of fights. The faster you can get through it and with the least irritation, the better imo. While an experienced player may go through it quickly, a not so experienced player can take quite a bit.

And yeah, there’s a repair dude, but that doesn’t make the equipment any less good. If anything, the low fuel would make someone want the repair dude if anything.

I think you just answered your own question. Last dungeons that take a long time to get through even after you’ve “completed” them are aggrivating in my book, because there’s always times when I just want to go in there and beat the crap out of the last boss.

Case in point: Star Ocean 3. If I want to head to the final boss and get some Battle Trophies off him after leveling up, I have to travel through a small field, a cave, a wide-open desert, a somewhat confusing ruin, a huge maze with obstacles that teleport you back earlier into the dungeon, then a 10 floor tower filled with enemies I don’t want to fight anyways. And don’t get me started on SO2 or WA2’s last dungeons. 8)

More on topic: I use Sin’s plan, but instead of opting for Xenogears’ Infinity mode, I keep him on 3 as long as I can and simply chain an X attack to a Square attack. That way, I’ll actually end up doing MORE than the 9999 from the Kishin X, at the expense of more fuel. But then I could always just Charge. 8)

something tells me that a great deal of the lack of real use for the high level character skills and equipment comes from how obviously rushed and incomplete the second disk is. If the events of disc 2 were portrayed with the same pacing as disc one, I can easily see character levels reaching well into the 80s on an average run, not to mention the probable inclusion of reasons to be that powerful.

I can do 5 point attacks. If by 5 point attacks, you mean like, possible to do five hits… buh?

5 point hits as in 5 button combinations (triangle triangle square square - 1,1,2,2 =6)

What Sorc said. You start with only three point hits, then you get a fourth one when you reach a certain level, then you get 5 and later on a grand total of 6. There are 7-point hits after you reach level 50 and gone trough a certain part of the game.

You still haven’t told us what happened in the fight, Setz.

Yeah, I got a total of five hits, assuming they are all weak-attacks.

Here’s what usually happens.

-Begin Battle-
–Ramus’ turn–
–Miang’s turn–
–Bart’s turn–
I use TRIANGLE, CROSS, to peform “Skull Hunter (this is the name, right?)”, and do 130-160 damage.
–Ramsus’ turn–
Ramsus attacks me with three hits, not sure if weak/moderate/strong, but does a total of about 60-80 damage, assuming no hits missed.
–Margie’s turn–
Margie heals me for 40 or 20, usually 40.
–Bart’s turn–
I use TRIANGLE, CROSS, to peform “Skull Hunter”, and do about 130-160 damage.
–Miang’s turn–
Miang either does nothing, or heals Ramsus for 40.
–Ramsus’ turn–
Ramsus attacks me again, usually doing 60-80 damage. Bart either dies, or has 10-20 HP left.
–Bart’s turn (assuming he isn’t dead)–
I use TRIANGLE, CROSS, to peform “Skull Hunter”, and do about 130-160 damage.
–Miang’s turn–
Does nothing, usually.
–Ramsus’ turn–
You get the drill; I am dead.
-End of Battle-

So yeah, I’m thinking of restarting soon, unless someone can shed some light on this situation.

Shouldn’t Fei have joined by now? And if he hasn’t, defend or heal with Bart until he does. Do neither triangle triangle x or square x work?

If you could get just one more hit in, you’d have it. Ramsus only has 400 hp. Then Fei joins the fight. Ramsus has 800 hp from that point, Margie stops healing 40, and Miang starts healing for 100.

I can pull that off, I think. I’m gonna try it now.