T.T Xenogears

I’m fighting Ramsus in Fatime Castle… right after you rescue Margie. I checked the shrine, and it said it’d be easy. But, it’s not. I’m level 19 for Bart, and can’t get past the first round. I’d go back and level more; but I saved right after I rescued her, unabling me to go back without killing Ramsus first.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

I think your level is a little low, to be honest.

Regardless of that, the best way to win is to come in with a good amount of healing items and as many of Bart’s deathblows as you can. Fight Ramsus as you would any other “on foot” boss; attack him once with a weak attack each turn until your “Combo” hits 28, then unleash a massive combination attack on him. Repeat this if necessary.

Now, one thing you have to watch out for is Mirror Stance. When Ramsus takes a break and strikes his pose, DO NOT ATTACK HIM. Breakages will occur! Simply defend (or heal) until he stops using Mirror Stance, then resume whipping him good.

As you would with any other one-on-one fight in an RPG, note how much damage his strongest attack does to you, and keep above that amount of HP at all times. Obviously, you should bring your strongest equipment. And from this point forward, you should really consider keeping multiple save games; it’s times like this where you’ll really regret saving your game in a dungeon when you’re unprepared for what lies ahead.

Good luck! And if you have any more questions, ask away.

The main problem is, I can’t level up. I saved in this room, with only one exit, and once you leave the room, the battle begins. So, I’m stuck until I beat it.

I’m reluctant to restart the game, being 7 hours in, but if needs be, I will.

Thank you for your help, Dalton.

Well, if it helps any more, you could try using Wild Smile repeatedly to lower the boss’ accuracy.

That’d help. But I tried using it once, and Miang (other boss in same battle, whom doesn’t hit you) recovers the status.

I’ve tried multiple times, but it doesn’t seem to work. Without defending, or misses, he does about 70-80 damage to me. I have a max of 161 HP. ;_;

Well, try it one more time with the strategy I suggested, using every healing item you have. You can always get more. If you can’t win with that, then you just might have to start over. 8(

Next time you tackle Bledavik, make sure you have a strong supply of healing items and make sure Bart is around Level 25 or so.

But if you do, heed my advice.

  • Unless you’re exploring a dungeon with dangerous enemies, work on learning your Deathblows at all times! Weak, run-of-the-mill enemies can be defeated with a string of ordinary attacks, so why not add progress to painful hits by punching in new Deathblow combinations?

  • Don’t bother using Aquasols outside of battle; simply purchase a healthy supply of Omegasols. These wonderful little items sell for a miniscule 50G, but they restore HP and EP to FULL outside of battle.

  • The game has a way of throwing Bart into the worst possible scenarios, where the enemies and bosses will usually far outclass him unless you’ve been leveling him up. He’s hardly the best team member in the game, but when the game forces him onto your active party, make sure he is well-prepared. Level him up a bit when you get him, and teach him his deathblows quickly.

And like I said, good luck and all. 8)

Meh. I’ll try it once more… I should have bought some Aquasol S’s while I had the chance. They head 150 I believe… all I have is a giant bunch of Aquasols, which heal only 50. =/

It’s a real pity that you didn’t ask for advice earlier, because buying two Holy Pendants and the Ether Doubler in Nisan makes the game a whole lot easier later on…

Wait…my memory is failing, you can’t train once you get to Nisan, right?


Deathblow learning is a pain, but it is necessary. Not only they make your characters stronger, but they are VITAL when on Gears.

Don’t rely much on Ether for damaging, only for healing. You already passed the only point in the game where you should use Fei’s attack Ethers, from now on he’s just a lame healer. There are only two characters with good attack Ethers, but I’m not going to tell you which ones :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t do combos. There are a few bosses that are easier if you use combos, but it ALWAYS easier to kill random enemies and weak bosses with the normal Deathblows.

Even after you learn all your Deathblows, keep using random button combinations whenever you can afford to. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it later.

Be careful with the Fuel. Don’t waste it, you are going to need it. And say hi to Dora and Vanderkaum when you realize why I’m saying this.

When choosing new Fuel Tanks for your Gears, always check the balance between capacity and output (The amount of fuel your gain when you use “Charge”). I have a preference for higher capacity.

Be careful with your cash. Accessories and Weapons for your characters may look nifty, but Gear parts are a lot more important. And expensive.

God damnit; I still can’t beat it… I was thinking of making a topic prior to saving it, 'cause I was stuck earlier on… too fucking bad, I guess. >.<

Then restart, it’s not like you spent too much time playing anyway if you aren’t strong enough to beat Ramsus. Oh, and if you do chose to restart, keep using guard when fighting Dan on the tournament and heal from time to time. If you do not hit him at all, the fight will end after a while and you will get a pretty good armor for women.

My friend claims to be an expert on this game, so I’ll ask him tommorow… if I can’t beat it then, I’ll restart…

Unless there is some secret door or something to go fight battles where I am; I have no choice.

As long as this is here, let me ask a tactical question:

Yamikei: What the heck is it there for?

Sure, it’s an insanely powerful Deathblow that allows Fei to do just about the same damage as a Gear and can take on a low-level Seraph in one hit. But at level 70? I got to that level while I was going down trough Deus, LONG after the man-to-man battles are over. Why the heck do I want an all powerful skill that I’m never going to use and that doesn’t even give me a new Gear Deathblow? Kokei is more than enough to deal with the Sufal Mass and the Elements.

Concentrate on surviving the battle as opposed to doing damage. Margie will periodically heal you through the battle, so that should help a bit. Do as Dalton said and save up your combo hits and unleash a giant attack. That should do him in, and if it doesn’t then you’re probably pretty damn close. I hate leveling in Xenogears, so I think I’m usually at around the level you are. Bart generally just sucks, so don’t really worry about it.

But yeah, for future reference, Deathblows make the game. You need them to survive, and you’ll really feel it later in the game, trust me. Just look up the deathblows and concentrate on those combinations.

Man, deathblows are one of the resons why I put the game down right at the end. I am SO close to finishing it, but learning deathblows is just such a pain in the ass for me. I’ll pick it up again either next or the one after whichever’s next, we’ll see.

I had trouble with that fight as well, and I had to try a couple more times. I really focused on just making it through with the strategy above (saving the points and doing a crazy combo). After that, I realized what a great idea it was to keep multiple saves, especially for this game. It has that awful tendency to throw you to the wolves without warning.

SE, my guess would be just for smashing things on Duneman Isle and the lighthouse. Another question would be why they bothered with supernova, since I do recall that you don’t get it till 80, and Fei never has anywhere near enough ether attact (barring massive save abuse to get perfect levels) to do any appreciable damage with it

No, you get Supernova way before Yamikei. Around level 60 methinks.

And Duneman Island was another thing that bothered me. Why do I want to do that place? To get an awesome sword and equipment that I will never use?

just a silly little optional area I guess. you do get some decent xp for dragons

And we’re back at the begining, since as long as you have a level high enough to do the X Infinity Deathblows, your characters might as well all be as strong as a Level 1 Maria. The only three important things to do in that part are getting cash to buy new parts (Big Joe’s armors), getting one or two Speed Shoes in Elru and getting Emmy to grow up.

You don’t need to level up all the 7 point deathblows, btw. That’s mostly for completion. You’ll get enough fights to get all the skills you need on disc 2 at the end of disc 1. As for before that faithful moment, the only real leveling point I’ve always done was in the sewers before fighting “the murderer”. You can go through the entire game without leveling apat from that moment and MAYBE before the end to buy some of the super gear Big Joe has (btw,its really neat to use the Z charger with the Omega 100 armor as it will restore half your fuel (the tank has 1000 fuel); I gave it to Fei’s gear with 2 GNRS 50s and god did he rip everything to shreds; the end of the game is the only point where you’ll really find gears that are low on gas relative to what’s available that looks good in the stores; gas only really matters up to the fight against Dora and fucking Vanderkaum).

If Setz would tell us precisely what the sequence of events that leads to his death is, perhaps we’ll understand better what’s up. I don’t think its hopeless, Ramsus isn’t supposed to be hard, but if you don’t have the 5 pt strikes, which you might be 1 level under of (I don’t remember what level you get it), then that could be troublesome.

Xenogears rips everything to shreds regardless of whatever parts it’s using. I had the X70-8000 Fuel Tank, the Xeno-30400 Frame and the Z Gold 1000 armor equipped and I managed to use Xeno against the Four Pillars and Deus Core without even going near low fuel.