Might as well make this a tradition…

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(Yeah, the text doesn’t really work when you read it DURING crab day, but, I’m too lazy to make anything new).

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Now, who’s going to list where each of those crabs came from?

I don’t know…

Who cares? Gohma’s in there, so I am happy.

I would, if it wasn’t so easy just to check the sourcecode to see which shrines they came from. I got several of my guesses right :wink:

Without looking at the source code, my guesses:

  1. FF Adventure
  2. Soul Blazer
  3. FFMQ
  4. FF Legend
  5. Lufia
  6. Zelda: LttP
  7. No idea.
  8. Secret of Mana
  9. Also no idea.
  10. Zelda: Link’s Awakening
  11. No idea… a Dragon Quest?
  12. FF6
  13. No idea
  14. No idea
  15. Crystalis?
  16. No idea
  17. FF3?
  18. Super Mario RPG
  19. Looks incredibly familiar, but I can’t remember
  20. No idea
  21. Legend of Mana?
  22. No idea
  23. No idea
  24. Vagrant Story.

#14 is from Breath of Fire, and #19 is from Final Fantasy V, I think.

I think that this T-Shirt is better.


It works now.

RPGClassics T-Shirts? Hmmm…

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Miss copied it.


I don’t get a tee shirt. I fail, and am unworthy.