Sword of Mana

The game seems pretty good.

I like how they redid the story, it makes it a bit more enjoyable to go through again.

I don’t like the way they’ve added lots of more SD-ish gmaeplay features. I never lked the advanced gameplay features of Seiken Densetsu, like classes and all that rot.

The soundtrack, well, at least in-game, is a bit dissapointing. This is mainly cos

  1. Some tracks just don’t sound how I imagined them to sound :stuck_out_tongue: That’s so picky though…

and also

  1. It seems to mix more realistic midi with the classic game boy synth sounds. I certainly hope that’s not what the OST sounds like :open_mouth:

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> The title system is completely optional SG, it only gives you a few bonuses. It is very possible to beat the game without those titles.

In other words, stick with the “Random” level up. It gives you a set of random stats, and no danger of titles, methinks.

I meant the thing you need to cast Salamando on to get past it. I learned you have to cast Salamando on it to get past.