Sword of Mana

I’m looking for the final boss song from sword of mana. You hear it against Ifrit and the Dark Emporor dude. It sounds awesome. I went on http://www.rpgfan.com/soundtracks/swordofmana/ and direct connect. I downloaded all the songs I could, and didn’t get the final boss song. Even the song called Final DEcisive Battle isn’t it

I even went on other hubs and ares lite and couldn’t find it.

Try LimeWire?

Or google?

I already tried google. I can’t find the name of the song on there.

Limewire doesn’t have sword of mana songs. Not even Kenji Ito songs

I have a version of that song I got years ago on Napster (it pretty good quality) that I can upload for you in WMA format.

What version?

When are you gonna be on aim?

It the final boss music from the Seiken Densetsu release, which had some nice sounding version of the old Final Fantasy Adventure music. It sounds much like the GBA final boss music so you will enjoy it.


It sounds cool, but that’s not the song. Thanx

The game is also called Shinyaku Seiken DEnsetsu

Also, i’m looking for Seeking the Holy Sword. It’s the desert song. I have it, but it’s too short. IT would be nice if it loops a few times or even has an orchestral version