Sword of Mana ~ a review by Booken

Originally posted by Vorpy
The secret of mana? It’s a secret.

I am absolutely baffled in finding a suitable response to this.

I got Sword of Mana. Some of the solutions to the puzzles aren’t obvious enough in some places (you’re never told in game about where to put Hot Houses!).

It’s fairly enjoyable, but the incredibly stupid ally is hardly helpful. They barely try to hit enemies, try hitting Skull Drakes when they’re glowing, walk straight across lava…in SoM and SD3 they actually were a major help. In this game they’re useless.

Plus, I found out, much to my horror, something that never fails to lower my overall fun quotient in a game:

You can’t exit the final dungeon.

Lunar Legend suffered from the same fate. Fun worlds, lots of sidequests and interesting dialog…and it’s all ruined by this fact.