Looke what I found


It is a KH manga, and I have already started to pray that it comes to the US. The button on the left leads to samples, the right leads to a menu or something. Enjoy!

O, shit. That must be as horrible as the game. This does not please me.

Thank you for letting me know this at least a little later than unlater,

I liked the game.

I know so did I. And Seldane if you dont like what is in the thread dont post it is as easy as that. Nobody is making you post.

<i>That’s it, n00b kill time…
Seld, run, i suggest you run…</i>

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/Seph.gif”> Yes, run before he pokes you.

<i>Shut up Seph! And a KH manga wouldn’t make it to the states…because Disney couldn’t make enough money on it…</i>

<img src=“http://sephy.nulani.net/images/Seph.gif”> …and because they’ll “americanize” it and it’ll suck ass…what do you think killed Pokemon? Pokemon, when watched in its untranslated 1337||3$$, kicks ass. With Brock trying to get <b>laid</b> instead of a <b>date</b>.

<i>Wow…that was an actual good thought…I didn’t think you could think Seph…</i>

… Hmm, I didn’t know about THAT aspect of the translation … assuming it’s true.

I must admit, I’m surprised by KH’s success- fans (like me) who like BOTH FF AND Disney would obviously love it, but I expected us to be a minority. Knowing how the Disney Exploitation Machine works (and Square isn’t that different) I fully expect them to exploit KH in lots of ways- cartoons, comics, toys, clothes, etc. So yeah, I’ll bet my hat we WILL see not just the manga, but lots of other KH stuff in this side of the ocean too.

And thanks for the link, Ramza! :cool:

Q: What Disney characters will they use in the sequel? They pretty much used them all in the first! (I keep hoping for Gargoyles- coolest american cartoon EVER!) On the FF side, however, there are still LOTS of great characters for them to use! (Palom and Porom would be funny!) : )

I’d love to see Phantom Donald. Oh yes. And quite possibly, some FF characters as party members… last time it was in Disney worlds… why not FF worlds this time, hmm?

I like Disney. I also like FF, but only because it’s there (I wouldn’t miss it if it wasn’t). I haven’t played KH. I don’t like the idea of a game like KH, though.

I think that mixing characters which each have their own well defined worlds, if not carefully done, can have poor results. As an obvious example, it’s really hard to imagine some of the Disney characters in FF-style combat encounters. That aspect is one of the reasons that I got bored with playing SMRPG before finishing it.

Why not run some of the pages through Babelfish and find out what it’s about? 8)

They’ll make a movie eventually. This is Disney, thats what they do, make movies.

The problem is that since the pages are images, they have to know the hiragana, katakana, and kanji that are there before they can even begin to run it through Babelfish. I can give translating some of it a whirl later today.

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
Why not run some of the pages through Babelfish and find out what it’s about? 8)

Because the last time I ran something through Babelfish it came out as “Server doesn’t stabilized yet.” :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s cool though…I didn’t think Disney would come out with a KH magna.