Sweet Wheels of Shit !!!

This AIM conversation should explain it all…

ZTT Fanatic: Holy Shit !!! o.o Somebody loves me out there !
clever anonymous: Of course
ZTT Fanatic:I just got this package from GoGameMusic…
ZTT Fanatic: In it were…
ZTT Fanatic: A Koji Hayama T-Shit
clever anonymous: T-Shit!
clever anonymous: :wink:
ZTT Fanatic: …
ZTT Fanatic: T-Shirt
ZTT Fanatic: An autographed Postcard by Hayama, to me !!! O.o
clever anonymous: Wow!!!
clever anonymous: What does it say?!
ZTT Fanatic: Dear Luc, thank you !!(I did a translation of his interview at GGM, and I sent in a comment praising his work. He loved it, obviously) Also on the postcard is Koji Hayama’s signature and some other comments in japanese that I have no clue what it means.
ZTT Fanatic: That’s not all
ZTT Fanatic: I also got his Gran Chaser CD…
ZTT Fanatic: The rest are from GoGameMusic, the Chaos Field OST signed by the two composers(Interview translation), a Chaos Field Poster, HeadHunter Redemption CD from Richard Jacques(Interview translation too), and last by not least, GGM sent the Let’s go by Train/Side by Side 2 ST, from Zuntata Records !!
ZTT Fanatic: And all this was given as a token of his appreciation towards my excellent translations. o.o That’s just unbelievable !
clever anonymous: Wow!
clever anonymous: Good for you man
ZTT Fanatic: I’ll be taking pics of these… man I’m just feeling awesome about this… I was not expecting all of that =O

The Koji Hayama T-Shirt

Autographed Postcard by Koji Hayama plus Aunthenticy Certificate from CocoeBiz

CDs, the Chaos Field one is signed by the composers (Daisuke Nagata & Kou Hayashi)

Last, but not least, the Chaos Field Poster

If you want anyone to be happy about that, you’ll have to tell us who this person is.

Koji Hayama… the guy responsible for Cho Aniki, Front Mission 3(half of it actually) and many, many more titles. He is highly known/respected in his country. (Obviously)

Here’s the best info source on this guy:


That’s awesome, man. You really should have named the thread “Free T-Shit!!”, though. :smiley:

Holy mother of God! Wow. o_o Damn man, someone up there likes you. A LOT.

Was anyone else surprised this topic wasn’t made by Sin after reading the title?

That said, that’s really cool getting all that stuff.

Sin probably would have made sure there was some fire involved in these wheels of shit.

Anyway, nice haul, DG. Now make friends friends with Michiko Naruke, or however you spell her name.

Isn’t it ironic that only staffers (and older staffers at that) have posted/replied in this thread so far? :smiley:

Holy crap:

Congratulations, that’s great!

Cool! T-Shirts and autographs.

Yeah, Bluemage and I thought it would be funny to send those to you. And it looks like you took the bait! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Sure you did ! :smiley: