Im not sure if this needs to go here, buts its relivant.

I just got SW KOTOR recently for my computer. it works fine, except the movies. when ever one plays, the whole game minumizes, and the screen reverts to a 640*600 size on windows( or something like that, its smaller than what i have set for windows to run on). After this, the game stays minumzed, forcing me ot manually kill it ( like via Task manager)

i can disable movies, but i really dont want to. any Sugesstions?

I had the same problem. Honestly I don’t think you can play without disabling movies or updating your graphics card.

Have you downloaded the patches? I hear the game was rather buggy out of the box. I wouldn’t know, I patcvhed moment I got the game.

That happened to my old intergrated graphic card too. Only way is to disable movies. You can watch them anyway using a bink video player.

As they said, disable the movies. Its possible your computer might not be able to run the game despite that even. I tried playing it on my PC and it just didn’t cut it.

i did dl the patches, and i have disabled the movies. and it works fine now.

guess i just have to watch them seperatly.

thanks all.

OK, some more help plz.

Im in the Black Vulkar base, have killed everyone ( i think) and i need to get into the engine lab, where the prototype is. but its locked. and it takes a pass, and i cant find it. what do i need to do/go to get it?

Hack into computers, and just make a new thread on the game help forum for game-related questions like these.