SW Empire at War

Ok so I’m a pirate.

I tried out SW Empire at War and finished the imperial path (I just wanted star destroyers >_>) and here’s my short critique:

Graphics: 4/5

Gameplay: 2/5

Music: 4/5

Sound effects: 4/5

Voice acting: 3.5.5

Story: 1/5

Overall: 2.5-3/5

It was star wars. This game oozes the SW feel. The problem with the game is that its not particularly fun to play once you’re over the initial nerdgasm over how it emulates SW. It tries to have space and land battles with different units but the thing is, the land battles are most irritating because the storm troopers are a)too slow or b)they keep shooting down the tanks you bring to run over their infantry (which is highly rewarding). Playing the Sith characters is interesting, but unimpressive. Firstly, they don’t do anything particularly cool and secondly, they god mode. As for the space battles, they’re really easy. Just bring in 5 star destroyers and wait. If they have ion cannons on the planet, it is long and irritating until very late in the game. There is little monetary strategy as it is hard to run out of cash and there is as little tactics to defending your star systems as there is in playing a role in your battles. On the up and down side, you can skip over the non-story battles (like if you conquer other worlds than your intended target), which saves you time and frustration, usually at the cost of a few more units. Unfortunately, this makes the game even easier and forgetable. The thing is in the fights, the AI is retarded and when you have squadrons of X-wings, for example, attacking you, to win the fight they all need to die. The units aren’t particularly efficient at killing the fliers as they go around and the lasers try to shoot them from afar. There are weaknesses and strengths to units, but they are mostly insignificant. The x wings would be faster to kill with non star destroyer units, but then I’d need to take out a few star destroyer units to bring those in and they would die very quickly and would require more involvement and it was tedious enoug as it is. You see, each fight begins with a fixed number of units you can bring in, and when they die, you land more at way points (land) or you bring them out of hyperspace at convenience (space), which is retarded because I can have 20 star destroyers and just keep sending them in until I win. When you have a fleet , you don’t fight with your entire fleet at once. Just like 5 star destroyers at a time. Same with land. You don’t really build bases.

There is a multiplayer “skirmish” mode where you play on a map like in starcraft and a semi-campaign you can play multiplayer like in star wars with the planets and the space and land battled but I haven’t tried that. However, the lack of balance doesn’t impress me much so I have doubts as to how well that can go.

The music is John Williams all they way, you hear all the SW tracks , which is nice. The voice acting is alright, but highly limited. Consdiering how many times they reuse almost the same words as in the movie, you want to ask why they didn’t just sample the movie voices. The voices are noticeably different from the original, but not very different.

Overall, the game has decent graphics and captures a lot of SW elements nicely. The problem is that this is a strategy game with no strategy.

It’s a decent game with decent sound and decent graphics, but it gets boring much, much too quickly.

It’s fun for the people who critique tedious ressource gathering… I like the fact that you don’t need to collect money but at some point it feels like it takes something away from the gameplay :S

I agree its nice to not have to think about ressources. My point is that there was no ressource management. I can make ludicrous amounts of star destroyers and really expensive ground forces (relatively) without a second thought. It adds to the utter lack of strategy there is overall.