Survey for those working and going to college

Something for a sociology paper. Your participation is much appreciated.

And yes, I am asking people in real life, so dont think I’m just half-assing it by going around messageboards. Just getting as many responses as possible.

  1. Gender: Male ( ) Female ( )

  2. How many hours do you work a week?

  3. What time of day do you generally work?

  4. Do you have kids?

  5. Do you go to school part time (6-11 credits) or full time (12-18)?

  6. Do you find balancing school with work to be stressful? How does it
    affect your academic performance?

  7. Have you ever thought about cutting down one or the other? Why?

  8. How do you manage your time?

  9. How well are you performing in school?

  10. Why do you need to work at the time as going to school?

  1. Male
  2. Aproximately twelve hours a week (It’s a minor teaching job)
  3. In the afternoon
  4. No
  5. I guess it would be “part time” by your definition
  6. I’m ok. Classes in the morning, work in the afternoon. Not much trouble.
  7. No.
  8. Not sure I understand.
  9. Passably. Not as good as I could but I blame most of it on the atrocious organization on the college’s part
  10. I don’t, I simply chose to.
  1. Male
  2. 5-20
  3. Morning or afternoon
  4. No
  5. Hmmm. I don’t know how the systems correlate but by my school I’m full time.
  6. Kinda stressful. It depends on how many hours I work. They update the schedule weekly.

7)Yes, but only if school gets too overwhelming or if I find another job with around the same hours and is in my field.

  1. I have three days of classes, approximately three days of work (depending on schedule), two days a week I play badminton for 2 hrs-4 hrs. I usually watch an hour of tv after dinner. Readings are done on days I don’t have a shift or only one class.

  2. Not as good as I want to.

  3. I need experience of any kind. The money’s being saved for whatever down the road.

  1. Male

  2. 20

  3. 14:00 to 18:00

  4. No.

  5. System’s different here, but I’d go for part-time equivalent. I actually pick my subjects every semester in a way that gives some daily free time.

  6. No. I plan my time ahead and I still get a lot of free time everyday.

  7. No.

  8. Planning ahead.

  9. My grades were the highest college-wide in the first couple of semesters. It’s not like that anymore but I’m still getting the high grades.

  10. Because I don’t want to depend on my parents for money.

  1. Male
  2. 40
  3. Usually evenings, until about 10:00 PM or so.
  4. No
  5. Full time (15 credits)
  6. I think that it’s absolutely insane, honestly. I have barely enough time for myself and my girlfriend, it’s nuts. I think that it would affect my schoolwork if I wasn’t so determined to get good grades at this time; honestly it affects my stress level more than anything.
  7. I’d love to completely leave my work, but I can’t because I live in an apartment and we kinda need things like “rent” and “food.”
  8. Honestly, quite poorly. I usually end up doing projects at the last minute, but I usually do that anyway. Of course, I’ve gotten an A in every paper I’ve written this semester, and so I’m not too worried.
  9. I’m doing very well. I have an A in everything except Metaphysics, in which I’m fairly certain I have a B because I didn’t do so well on a test.
  10. As I said before, I need to pay the rent.