Surreal Dreams DX

Here I am again.

Sometime ago I said I don’t have nightmares. Jsut VERY surreal dreams.

Well here is one of them.

I remember waking up. I heard someone say “Welcome to the land of the living sleepyhead.”

I get up, ready to face a new day. But I’m in a bunker… for some reason I slept for over 200 years.

Next I remember crawling through a passageway, very tight, made of a very heavy cloth not unlike velvet. I’m having trouble breathing, and I have a paper in my hand. I don’t want to damage that papre… I get the feeling I’ve done this before. In the background I can hear Wertigon going on about Linux.

I get out and meet with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well Leonardo anyway. He tells me I have to find Dontaello, and he points to another velvet passage. Oh yay. I crawl through that.

I find my family at the end, my little sister is playing with an object with a rotor that looks like it’ll chop her hand off. Donatello’s supposed to be in there. I try to stop the rotor, but my father stops it with his wrist.

I look at a TV. We still have electricity. Apparently it’s two human kids with a family of monkeys. Think Planet of the Apes. They act like monkeys to confuse the apes, and then escape. I hear the date, but I mishear it. I think it’s 2022. “Oh, I’ve been asleep for 19 years.” “No, you’ve been asleep for 200…”

Then I fall. My family and I are in a cart or something like that, with Donatello at the wheel. He tells us that he doesn’t have enough for the return trip, and he has to leave someone behind. I feel like I’ve done this before, and I tell him to jsut go. Now it’s only me and two brothers. He blast out, and end up going down a twisting road, taking out several roadblocks before we stop.

The landscape is a ruin. I learn that the world has been the victim of a nuclear holocaust. But a castle is behind us. My mom is in that castle, screaming to us “What happened to the kingdom of Neb?” We walk to another castle, not too far off.

THe castle, or what remained of said kingdom is a ruin. I get the feeling it used to be a summer paradise, but now it’s winter, and everything is iced over and desolate. We approach the castle. My brother (Who I identfy as PC Glenton, my other brother being GG Crono) asks “What could have done this?” He sounds shocked. A figure is approching from the distance. IT’s Neb, or maybe Ren. It looks like Ren’s “princely” avatar. I think it’s his anyway. He’s the prince. Was the prince. He tells the story, and then from a wastebasket he pulls a fire opal. I think that this might restore the kingdom, but no. He gives it to me, and if you recall the crystal shards in FF5, you’ll get the idea. I don’t remember what jobs were in the fire opal. Then he’s gone.

We don’t explore the castle, but instead enter a door. Inside seems to be a game store, fully stocked, lighted… but nobody is inside. We can loot it if we so desire. Inside are games that I didn’t know (or don’t even believe) existed. I think that I want some of the games and controllers inside, but GG pulls me out, saying urgently that we have to get moving. We walk to another building, another game store, but it’s staffed, and dark.

Then I awaken.</i>

Strange. One wonders, but heh. this was jsut surreal. I felt very lonely when I woke up… I also felt like I hadn’t yet awakened from the dream…

You should get your dreams interpreted, I’ve had many a dream where I get loads of games/warhammer models then wake up and think ‘‘Oh crap, that better not have been a dream, I want those games!’’

All I know right now is that it’d make a kickass story or game.

You play too much video games. nod, nod

I’m semi-concious in most of my dreams, it’s freaky, I can wake myself up from inside the dream.

You wouldn’t BELIVE how many times I dreamed I had an awesome new game and woke up pissed.

Been there. I dreamed I ahd like every game made and then some. And then I wake up.

Wow. That beats all of my surreal dreams out the window. o_o
I’m afraid to imagine what the kingdom of Neb might have been like. :stuck_out_tongue:
And dreams where I get good stuff are my least favorite, BECAUSE I wake up from them. sniff

Bah, you think your dreams are weird:

<i>Playing a weird, evil, lava filled cross between Diablo 2 and some random platformer. The characters I could choose from were some boy (Astroboy perhaps, not Megaman that was for sure) with missiles and guns and stuff, a slightly younger version of Roll who lost her legs in an accident and had some metal-like replacements like those cyborg chicks in UT03, and Sir Percival complete with Paladin Regalia. It took forever, but I finally got enolugh headway that I defeated…whatever the final boss was. It was kinda hard to tell, but it had lots of turrets on its bodies, and even some balconies where school principals I had never seen before were declaring me suspended or something. I managed to defeat this monstrosity somehow when Perc, AstroboyX and Roll combines to form some kind of holy mech and delivered justice on the boss’ ass.

For winning, I got a sackload of money, and I went to start spending stuff. Don’t ask me why, but I had a specific place in mind; some dollar store in a remote town, maybe Waterloo. Anyway, it was hard to move around the store cuz everything was congested; too much stuff. For some reason former classmates worked there, and I ended up not being able to buy anything because they kept asking me if I was someone they knew. I got paranoid and left.

So I went to the local supermarket. It musta been around 2 AM, and the place was empty (I thought), and all my money had turned into quarters. I kneeled down and attacked one specific little gumball machine filled with those mini Rubic’s Cube keychains, trying to get one. All the ones I got were defective somehow, so I kept putting quarters in. Eventually some boss chick who owned the store, that I had never seen before, came out of one of the checkout counters and ran towards me. I fled towards my house, but she gained on me. Somehow, one of the busted keychains transported me to something vaguely resembling SotN. But without the keychain intact, I couldn’t triple jump, got stuck in some weird pit part of the clock tower, and died amidst some cool music and shit.</i>

My dreams are really weird. I am just walking on the street, then everything goes black and I fall.

Then I wake up.