Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship (no Wilfredos allowed in this thread)

Bah, Batman kicked his ass anyway in The Dark Knight Returns.

I too was never a big fan of Superman either. I so support OmegaFlare X… Batman Owns! But seriously, I really doubt that the writers would go through that, lol!


So…Superman is Canadian now, I’m guessing?

Stateless person. Although, unless Clark Kent gave up his citizenship somehow, it’s ultimately meaningless.

How did Superman get citizenship in the first place? I mean, aside from his Clark Kent one. Does he have another domicile besides his Fortress of Freezing His Super Ass Off? Does he file Super Taxes?

It was probably a private bill that granted him citizenship since the Superman persona would otherwise be a Stateless Person. I think the comics have said in the past that no one really thinks to look for a secret identity because he’s Superman; he doesn’t need a secret identity. Therefore, he doesn’t have citizenship through his alter ego. And since Superman has been fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, might as well give him American citizenship. He obviously bases himself out off Metropolis; he must consider it more of a home than any other country.

Basically, his citizenship was probably mostly a symbolic one. I doubt he ever walked into a polling place to cast his vote or reported for jury duty.

How the fuck has nobody recognized him?

Unfortunately. No comic has ever explained or said anything about about why people cant recognize him or if he’s a u.s. citizen.

Well, technically he’s… puts sunglasses on …an illegal alien.

I remember that some time after his Death, somebody named Hank appeared as a cyborg Superman who worked closely with the president of the U.S. to… fight crime! Also while the true Superman was dead, they built him a memorial. So I think that, behind the scenes, they’d given him american citizenship at some point.

nvm this stupid post here…

Of course, none of this even matters in the end because like anything dramatic in a comic book, it’ll never stick. I said it before with Captain America, I said it again with Batman, and I’ll say it again, he’ll be back.

Specially because this is not the official storyline, it’s a short, alternate story.

Years ago there was another alternate story where Superman’s craddle ship had crashed in Russia, not in the United States. Superman became a hero for communism and the symbol in his chest was not his stylised ‘S’, but the hammer and sickle. The right wing ultrapratriotists didn’t complain so much back then.

In other words, this discussion is completely pointless to begin with.

Well, aside from Sups having a nationality to begin with.

I’m guessing the writer of this watched The Watchmen recently.