Super Mario Rpg-Im stuck at booster tower

When im in the booster tower i have 2 problems.
1st: the teeter-toter with a Bob-omb on it doesnt works. i have jumped on it from high above and it simply doesnt works.
2nd: near the path that leads to the room u can jump un the bob-omb, theres a second path that leads to a room with the green button with a " ! ". After this room, there is another one with stairs and a door. And in the one after(the one with blue spookums), we must jump on the blocks to get to the door, but when i want to jump on the second yellow block, i cant because its too far from the first, so now, im stuck there. help please!!

It takes awhile to do the teeter totter thing. Basically, it’s not worth it. It can be done, hell I’ve even done it on the first try, but it’s very frustrating if you don’t jump the wrong way. Mind you, you need to jump off the platform after climbing the stairs for it to “work”.

Your second problem is not a problem at all…you need to adjust your hand coordination. All you have to do is jump. Play around with your buttons. If you have a good grip of the controls, then what you need to do is the Running Jumps. Press Y and B at the same time, and you’ll jump farther than the normal jump. You’ll need to do this in Booster’s Pass after you open it up.

Okay, that second block (to your left) is above and to the left of you, and that’s where you’re jumping, right? 'Cause I know when I played, I thought it was directly to the left (didn’t bother looking at the shadows) and jumped the wrong way for like 5 minutes before I realised that I was jumping the wrong way. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, ill try =P

well, the running jump doesnt work, mario jumps everywhere except on the second block… .

You just…jump. Just pressing down, or something else. Just work around your controls.

lol, yeah ive almost got it, i c it goes farther when i press y, but not enough,and i need to press y while im jumping, because if i press it at the same time than b, it doesnt jump

I don’t know how you made it so far in the game without knowing how to do that…you’ll need to do it A LOT more

lol, i know, when i was young i was playing it on nintendo but now the game is on my computer so its a little harder

Oooh yes you should have mentioned that. I also had trouble figuring out certains ways to jump on the comp, but practice makes perfect I guess.

Maybe the way your computer reads multiple inputs doesn’t allow you to run and jump at the same time. Try configuring running to a shift key or something.

Cless has a good idea. My setup (everything on the number pad) doesn’t allow me to press Down-Left + Y in certain games. Maybe that’s the problem?

Helpul Rule #1:

When playing on an emulator, buy a controller :hahaha;

I got mine for only like $10 and I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
[b]Helpul Rule #1:

When playing on an emulator, buy a controller :hahaha;

I got mine for only like $10 and I don’t know what I’d do without it. [/b]

Worked for me. Now I can play Mortal Kombat easier. Thanks controller!

HEARTILY second that.

And BTW, you HAVE to get the teeter-totter item, the Masher. You won;t find a stronger weapon for Mario until you get to Nimbus Land.

yeah, i got it. but now im stuck at another place, on the way to nimbus land, i have to climb the vines and i cannot jump on the blue one!!! its too far from the yellow one. =( ill tried to change my buttons, it worked for some part, but not this one! its too hard

Sometimes if you defeat the monsters hovering between the vines, they will leave a ledge for you to jump on. If this isn’t the case, then just watch where the shadow falls on the cloud below to calculate your distance and direction, and then practice.

Eva is right. You may also want to use the treasure box as a step; if I’m not mistaken, there is a hidden treasure box on top of that one that you can use, too. You just need to get used to the camera angle used in the game and how the control pad makes Mario move; I’m pretty sure you have to make a down-left jump to get to that vine.

Good luck!