Super Mario Galaxy 2

Game is awesome. Thread over.

(But if you really wanted to you could discuss it I guess)

Is there any reason to play it if I didn’t like the first one (mostly thanks to the wonky-ass camera and the ‘this is a mario game but you twirl into shit instead of jumping on shit’ factor)?

Its more of the same as the first. I thought the first game was fantastic and so I am loving this sequel. They took everything that was good with the first and improved on it while also adding features.

If you didn’t like the 1st though, pass on it.

Yeah, I can’t quite fathom disliking the first SMG, but if for some reason you did then SMG2 isn’t gonna change your mind. The camera’s a little better, but only slightly.

Anyway, I just got 120 stars. The reward for doing that THIS time is a little different than the first game. When you get all the stars and beat the game, Green Prankster Comets hit all the levels, allowing you to get Green Stars. This is not just one extra star per level, no. Every level has double the number of stars to get, totaling another 120 (!!!). The Green Stars are all in little hidden parts of the level, so you gotta poke around for them. This… this is a hell of a lot better than just having to get the same 120 stars again as Luigi. Loooots better.